A Great Time Of The Year

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A Great Time Of The Year

Practice Makes Perfect

It is a great time of the year. Football games have kicked off, and if you are a fan, this is your prime time. On top of football, hunting season openers are pending. All we need now is a cool front to get us in the mood. The heat lately has been relentless, with highs hovering near triple-digits daily.

The Benoits recently limited out on doves in Natalia, Texas.

It takes some preparation and sweat equity to get prepared for hunting seasons. All your efforts will pay off when they produce results in the way of wild game. There is nothing that compares to the good feeling a successful hunter enjoys when his endeavors put fresh game on the table. The sausage stash is dwindling, so you know it is that great time of year once again

In preparation for the upcoming hunting seasons, the Lake Charles Retriever Club will be doing their thing Oct. 12 and 13 at 2642 East Friesen Road, southeast of Lake Charles.

If you enjoy watching hunting dogs go to work, this is your spot. There is nothing like the bond that grows between dogs and their masters. Both sides are devoted and dedicated to working with one another. It is a learning process that develops into mutual respect.

After many hours of training their dogs, hunters and handlers get a chance to compete and learn from others who enjoy testing their dogs. Pros and amateurs alike are welcome to attend and learn invaluable information on how to improve.

Scott Cloud and his crew after a busy day of catching big Gulf fish.

The Retriever Club hosts hunt tests each year as a way of testing their dogs. It is a great way to interact with a great group of dog lovers and handlers.  When their best friends charge off to fetch, they are doing what they love to do.

Hunting seasons are officially kicked off. Natalia, Texas, was the spot for the grand opening of dove season, and it was a good one. Lee Benoit had his back-up guns provided by sons and grandsons on a recent dove adventure. Kevin, Tanner, Kerry and the old man had an awesome dove hunt to sharpen their shooting skills. They limited on doves and feasted that night at the dinner table. It does not get any better than doves with brown gravy.

Bow season for whitetail deer opens soon. There is nothing like the thrill of a wild deer very close-up and personal. Practice makes perfect, so get out there and prepare yourself. When the moment of truth arrives, you will be glad you did.

Scott Cloud and his trusty crew headed south into the Gulf of Mexico for a most memorable trip. It was a rare, calm day, and the seas were very forgiving. The crew stayed busy catching a variety of big Gulf fish. They tallied amberjack, dolphin, red snapper, and ling for a super fun and productive trip. Collin scored the big fish of the day with his 97.3 pound amberjack!

The second best part of a good Gulf trip is the many meals that will be enjoyed. These fresh game fish are super good for you and can be cooked a variety of ways. When it comes to eating healthy, this is about as good as it gets.

Scott had a smile on his face after proving he could out eat all the youngsters put together! Happy hunting!

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