Our Beloved Veterans

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Our Beloved Veterans

The dog days of August have more than lived up to their hot reputation. The heat has been relentless lately, topping out over 90 degrees consistently. At least we are over the summer hump and can look forward to a nice cooling Pacific cool front, sooner rather than later. Bring it!

Tanner Benoit with his Lacassine Reserve hawg.

Football is about to kick off, and it is an exciting time of year. Football rules in every class in this great state, and the fans are as adamant as they get. Support your favorite teams; they deserve it. Les bon temps roule!

Here’s a story for all the bird lovers out there:

Field Lamotte was hunkered down in his blind near Welsh enjoying just being there. He folded an incoming duck that was special. It turned out to be a wood duck drake that was banded.

Field reported the band numbers and soon received the information on this bird. This woodie drake had logged some serious miles, traveling from his home state of Missouri, where he was banded. The duck was two years old, and he made Field’s day.

Our featured photo is a great picture of Tanner Benoit with his seven-pound, five-ounce Lacassine Reserve hawg. The young bass fishing phenom was misidentified in a previous Mounted Memories article.

Coco Rossitto 1948-2019

That is a lifetime marsh bass that deserves recognition. The mistake is a first and very uncharacteristic for said writer and will probably never happen again.

The local athletic community mourns the loss of favorite son, Coco Rossitto. He was an outstanding athlete who suited up as a two-sport letterman at McNeese.

He was an outstanding punter in football and a standout third baseman for the Cowboys baseball team. Coco was an outstanding competitor who had a great attitude. He had a smile on his face the majority of the time, and was a joy to be around. He will be mightily missed by the many who make up the sporting community. Coco was a “grubber” (slang term for someone who’s an outstanding player with a never-give-up attitude).

It is official. The first-class outpatient clinic of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Lake Charles will be designated the Douglas Fournet Department of Veterans Affairs clinic by an act of Congress. Our family greatly appreciates this honor for Lake Charles’ native son Doug Fournet, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam in 1968.

He would be proud to lend his name to the worthy cause this clinic will provide for veterans of foreign wars. We owe them for their honorable service for the greatest country on Earth. These veterans have more than earned their right for medical evaluation and top-notch care. They are the backbone of the United States and deserve medical attention and much more. They have served us well and earned their spot as heroes of the American public.

God bless our beloved veterans for their incredible sacrifices. We, the public, salute you and give thanks for your service. The date for the presentation of the clinic is forthcoming.

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