Quality Over Quantity

Rocke Fournet Thursday, September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Quality Over Quantity
Quality Over Quantity

Enough with the heat already. We are currently suffering through some heat that can hurt you. This is discomfort, Louisiana style, and it will make you pay. The heat index lately has been consistently over 100 degrees and climbing.

It is too early to be wishing for a light cool front, but keep your fingers crossed anyway.

Cooper Hughes with two bufflehead ducks taken last year on Cotile Lake.

The redfish population is thriving in our local saltwater estuaries. Big schools of big redfish are all over southwest Louisiana’s wetlands. Also, the speckled trout have turned on lately. That sure sweetens the pot.

Spence Lasikar and his son Ro “Dog” hooked up with guide Kevin Broussard, and this saltwater adventure was on. The trio hit the water and weather just right, and it was crying time. They loaded up with limits of reds and specks for good measure.

Ro “Dog” went one-on-one with a bull redfish over 38 inches long, and it was a test of wills. The youngster hung tough and eventually wore the big red down and into the net. Ro would rest easy that night, and the bed never felt better.

It is hotter than blazes, but the fish still have to eat. Kevin Benoit endured the heat of Lacassine Reserve, and it paid off. He was working the lily pads when suddenly the water came alive. A Lacassine lunker rocked his world and the fight was on. Kevin successfully maneuvered the hawg through the pads and put a lip lock on the fish. This lunker weighed in at seven pounds, five ounces and sure helped to alleviate the heat stroke.

Speaking of heat stroke, can you imagine surviving this heat in a football uniform? Players everywhere are reporting for summer camp to prepare themselves for football season. The season cannot get here soon enough for the many rabid hardcore fans that reside here.

McNeese is practicing in full pads for their opener with Southern, and it should be a packed house. It is a new season and players and fans alike are ready to line up against a different color jersey. The “hole” should be lit up and loud for this classic football opener.

The McNeese faithful will be out in full force for the debut of the new coaching staff and the team they have produced. McNeese fans and alumni are all in, as they support coach Sterlin Gilbert and his entire staff.

When the band strikes up “Jolie Blanc” and the crowd sways in unison, it is a feeling worth the price of the ticket. You will be glad you came.

These players and coaches have endured many hardships to get themselves prepared for this moment. They deserve our attendance and undivided support.  Go McNeese!

Most local waterfowl hunters suffered through a generally off season. Sometimes it is the quality of the hunt that counts as opposed to the quantity of birds.

Kenneth Hughes and his son Cooper were hunkered down in the blind on Cotile Lake. Two diving ducks suddenly appeared and both hunters let them have it. They folded both birds, and identified them as buffleheads. They handled these birds carefully for a mounted memento of this great trip. It was quality over quantity. Cooper is looking forward to duck season already.

Friday night lights will light up high school stadiums everywhere.  Pick a favorite team and support them with your presence. They have earned it! Local fans are toeing the mark and in the starting blocks for some live and in-living-color contact football!


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