Marrots Are The New Megetables

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Marrots Are The New Megetables

Arby’s has turned the trend toward plant-based “burgers” on its head with the new Marrot: a carrot made out of meat. Arby’s has rejected the plant-based meats movement. “What Americans really want … is great, tasty meat,” said Jim Taylor, Arby’s chief marketing officer. “So we said if others can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?” The Marrot is made by rolling raw ground turkey breast into a carrot shape, cooking it sous-vide for an hour, covering it with a special “carrot marinade,” and then oven-roasting it for another hour. Bon appetit!

One More Thing Google’s Taking Over

A baby boy born in West Java, Indonesia, in November, 2018, was given the name Google by his parents Andi Cahya Saputra and Ella Karin. The baby got its name, Saputra said, because “Google has a great meaning … Google is number one in the world, the site most visited by people.” Saputra told his own father he hopes his son will become “a useful person” and “help” a lot of people, while also explaining that they didn’t want to “dilute” the essence of the boy’s name by giving him a middle or surname. He’s just Google. The baby’s mom wasn’t really on board with the idea until about three months after he was born. She said people ask if their next child will be named WhatsApp. But it doesn’t bother her because they don’t understand the meaning of the name.

Doing It The Hard Way

Early-bird travelers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport got a rude awakening when a man tried to pass through a TSA checkpoint in the nude. The man approached the checkpoint and removed all his clothing, then removed a barrier and approached a metal detector. Officers didn’t allow him through the metal detector, so he ran around it, where he was caught and covered with plastic trash bags. A bystander said he was calm and compliant while being detained. Law enforcement determined he was not a threat and took him to a local hospital.

Where Are My Keys?

A man from Guangdong, China, identified only as Chang went out for a Friday night of drinking with friends and returned home to find that his keys were missing. Someone inside let him in, and he went to bed to sleep it off. The next morning, Chang awoke with a sharp pain in his chest and went to Dongguan Hospital, where an X-ray revealed the missing house keys lodged deep in his esophagus. Doctors first thought emergency surgery would be necessary to retrieve the keys, but with the help of a muscle-relaxing drug, a gastroenterologist was able to pull them out through Chang’s mouth.

Fine And Dandy

Zack Pinsent, 25, from Brighton, England, hasn’t dressed in modern clothing since he was 14. Instead, he makes and wears clothes that were popular in the 1800s. “At 14, I made the symbolic decision to burn my only pair of jeans in a bonfire. It was a real turning point,” Pinsent said. On a typical day, Pinsent wears a floral waistcoat and knee-high leather riding boots, along with a jacket with tails and a top hat. He explains that his obsession started when his family found a box of his great-grandfather’s suits. He now researches, designs and sews clothing for himself and other history buffs, to great response. “I’ve been all over the world and people are inquisitive and appreciative,” he said.

National Leader Is ‘Naughty Boy’

New Zealand’s House Speaker, Trevor Mallard, ejected National Leader Simon Bridges from the chamber, claiming that Bridges’ conduct was inappropriate during Question Time. “The member earlier made a barnyard noise of the sort that would not be accepted in a junior classroom,” Mallard said. But Bridges objected, saying, “I made no such noise and it is entirely unfair for you as a speaker to say that sort of unprofessional comment.” Bridges later said Mallard’s comments made him feel like a “naughty boy.” Inspection of video from the session revealed that Bridges had made a loud sound of disapproval after an answer given by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Back Pay For Housework

In June, Argentina’s National Appeal Court ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $178,000 for 27 years of housework. Judge Victoria Fama reasoned that the wife, who holds a degree in economics, put her career aside for the entirety of their marriage to keep house and raise children. By the time her husband left her in 2009, she was too old to compete in the job market. “The economic dependence of wives on their husbands is one of the central mechanisms through which women are subordinated in society,” the judge stated. Meanwhile, the husband was living “a good life.”  

Man Bites Dog

Police officers in Manchester, N.H., were called to a local hotel after Matthew Williams was reported to be behaving erratically, shouting, throwing things and acting aggressive. Officers called in a K9 unit, and when the dog entered the hotel room, Williams allegedly “wrapped his arms around the dog and struggled with him,” eventually growling and biting the dog on the top of the head, police said. Williams was charged with resisting arrest, simple assault and willful interference with police dogs. Authorities said the dog was not harmed.

What Diners Want

A cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, is encouraging customers to “experience the death awareness” and reflect on their lives by inviting patrons to get into a coffin and spend some time with the lid closed after they finish their coffee. Death Awareness Cafe owner Veeranut Rojanaprapa said the practice encourages people not to be driven by greed. “When the lid of the coffin closes … they will realize that eventually they cannot take anything with them.”

Dude, Where’s My Ear?

Holmes Beach, Fla., police posted a query on their Facebook page regarding an unusual item that had washed up on the shore and was turned in by a local resident: a prosthetic ear. Social media did its magic, and the ear and its owner were reunited five days later. Turns out a Beaufort, S.C., couple had been vacationing in the Tampa Bay area, and the man was putting the rubber ear in his pocket for safekeeping when a wave knocked it out of his hand. Police Sgt. Brian Hall said he would mail the ear back to its owner, as prosthetic ears can be very pricey.

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