The Real Good Life

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 15, 2019 Comments Off on The Real Good Life
The Real Good Life

Thank you Lord, for small favors. A late cool front just pushed through, and the wind is blowing from the north. It has been a brutally hot summer, coupled with high humidity. And at this point, we will appreciate what we can get. This front is a precursor for cool fronts that should begin cooling us off in a few months. It sure felt good to walk out the door this morning into a brisk north wind and low humidity.

Enjoy the weather break for all it is worth, because it will not last long.  The wind will predictably switch to the south for a return to the “muggies.”

The “Burrito Brothers” know how to catch fish.

Football players will be reporting soon for fall practice, and local sports fans are ready and waiting. Coaches and players will begin to earn their pay and reveal who came back in shape, and the poor saps who did not. Football season cannot get here soon enough for local fans.

It was a lazy Sunday morning and there was no better time to go fishing. Cooper and fishing amigo Chris Caire were all in, so we loaded up the fishing gear and headed to the marsh. A steady rain did nothing to dampen our spirits for a decent trip. This trip was on.

Right off the bat, a healthy bass did the toilet bowl flush on a top water bait. The fish exploded right at the boat and suddenly we would no longer be skunked. Both Cooper and Chris scored nice keeper bass. Just like that, we were guaranteed a meal of fresh fish.

Very soon, the clouds broke up, and the broiling sun began to heat us up. We hung in there until midmorning, and it was well worth it. We ended up keeping eight fish and releasing a few in the dill pickle zone. The fish we kept were of solid size and would make for many muy bueno meals.

We fried them up crispy with sides of potato casserole and pinto beans. Chris returned to Baton Rouge and pan-fried his fillets, which disappeared quickly. The next meal he got creative, with fish tacos and peach salsa. There was not a morsel left over.

Fishing with friends and loved ones is about as good as it gets. There was plenty of B.S going around that fine day, and the bass fillets were like lagniappe gravy. During the trip, we solved many of the problems of the world in between catching fish.

The sights and sounds that go with a Louisiana marsh fishing adventure kept everybody entertained. There were beaucoup gators, some of which were determined to eat our spinner baits. Flights of birds of a plethora of different species were milling about and added to the colorful show. This is the real good life living in Louisiana.

We are grinding out a long hot summer, but we have already survived the worst part. School starts soon, so slow it down in the school zone and watch for the children. Everyone in these parts is looking forward to the next front to push through and make you get that funny feeling.

Pictured this week are the “Burrito Brothers.” These guys never miss a meal, and they both know how to catch fish. Chris’ specialty is slow rolling a spinnerbait. While Cooper has very rightfully earned the nickname “Buzz” for his favorite bait. A good fishing trip is sure to soothe your soul and make the world seem right.  When in doubt, always opt for the fishing trip, and you will be glad you did!

Support your favorite local football favorites. These guys work for it, so they richly deserve our backing. See you at the stadium!

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