Heatin’ Up

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Heatin’ Up

The hot, dog days of a typical Louisiana summer are upon us. If you like extreme heat and high humidity, this is your spot. Temperatures have been topping out near 100 degrees, coupled with thick, humid air that is hard to breathe.

Leonard Troutman’s sika deer.

If it is rain you like, we have been getting more than our fair share. The storm system passing through as we go to press could very well dump several inches of rain we do not really need.  Most folks were ready to hunker down with tropical storm Barry. All eyes were on the weather stations, with up-dated reports on the pending storm that could become a hurricane very quickly.

Local sports fans are currently in a state of limbo. It’s a down time for the many diehard sports fans in this great state. Football teams will be reporting soon, so local fans will get some much-needed relief.

It is an exciting time for McNeese football fans. The Cowboys will showcase a new and revamped coaching staff, and fans are looking forward to checking out the new product.

About the only thing for certain is the quarterback position, where a guy named Orgeron has earned his spot. He is bigger and stronger, and his football future is bright. It all starts with the quarterback, and with some help from his friends, this team has potential.

Do not miss a chance to celebrate a game at Cowboy Stadium, live and in living color. For the price of admission, it is the best deal in town. Support your local Cowboys!

If you are still fishing in this brutal heat, God bless you. At this point, it is wise to restrict your fishing activities to very early and very late. The fish still have to eat, but mostly restrict that activity to times when there are cooler temperatures. Pick your spots and stay hydrated.

Also, vegetation at this time of year is thriving, so fish are thriving accordingly. You may have to adjust your style so that you can take advantage of lily pads and moss beds. With beaucoup vegetation, do not forget to pack your push pole and mostly weedless baits.

Though it is hotter than blazes, Lacassine Reserve is still producing some good fish. Austin Woods was in for the long haul on a recent Reserve fishing adventure. He hung in there, enduring the heat and overgrown lily pads.

His big bass of the day was a seven-pound, five-ounce hawg that blew up the lilies. Austin was geared up with heavy line to wench the hawg in through the grass, and it paid off. Cool sheets never felt better that night.

Adriano Theriot scored a giant 10-pound, four-ounce marsh hawg in Lacassine early in May. He followed up with a seven pounder and a hawg over eight pounds. He released both fish, since he was a member of the exclusive 10-pound club. It is fishermen like him who make catch and release work!

Bow season for whitetail deer opens in just over a month in select areas. It is a wise time to practice and improve your shooting skills. When the moment of truth arrives, you cannot blame a miss on lack of practice.

Leonard Troutman shoots and scores on the sika deer pictured. The sika is one of many exotics you can hunt in the state of Texas.

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