Thanks For The Memories

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Thanks For The Memories

Quality college baseball is alive and well in the state of Louisiana. If you are a bayou baseball fan, you have landed in the right place.

Both McNeese and LSU represented the Pelican state with style and class. Both teams competed hard and had the total attention of our great state. It is an honor just to be chosen to compete in the national tournament, and both teams played like they belonged.

Candace Devillier


The many hardcore sports fans who call themselves Cajuns, appreciate the super efforts by both first-class baseball teams. Local fans are already looking forward to the upcoming season.

The title of the newspaper headline was “Wildcat spirit still alive.” There on the front page was a great picture of some former outstanding coaches. The Cats’ football team had just won a game against archrival Sulphur in a deluge of rain. Pictured were head coach Billy Lantrip, Johnny Emmons, John Falgout and shirtless Nolan Moore. All these guys were great coaches and even better people.

They were positive influences on many locals who were proud to call themselves Wildcats. John Falgout will be honored at the upcoming LCHS alumni reunion, along with the girls’ marching squad, the legendary Kilties.

Coach Falgout was a great influence on the football field and later as principal at the High. Falgout was a man of few words, but he carried a very large stick. He demanded respect and treated his students and players with the same. He was a great and positive influence on many young lives.

The Kilties were a great inspiration, displaying precision marching with synchronized steps. When the drums began to roll and the Kilties marched on the field, it felt awfully good to be a Wildcat. They would be decked out in their red uniforms when the drums began in perfect cadence. What a great feeling!

They served as a moving motivation for many young athletes to perform at their highest level. Between the Kilties and our great coaches, our futures were bright.

When we reported for football summer camp, the Kilties had already been practicing for an hour at Wildcat stadium. They were a great inspiration and perennial recipients of affection from the entire male student body.

Any player who suited up for these coaches or had the opportunity to participate in their classrooms greatly appreciated their efforts to improve our lot in life. And the Kilties were loved and revered by every teenage boy, who literally worshipped the ground they marched on. Go Cats and thanks for the memories.

It was a hot summer day; what better time to wet a hook? Candace Devillier moseyed on down to her favorite fishing hole to try her luck. You certainly can’t catch them sitting at home, so she made a move. She was bank fishing at Graywood Pond when this trip went into the books as a most memorable fishing adventure.

She set the hook hard, and the fight was on. Candace bowed up and cut no slack for the lunker bass on the end of her rod. She carefully played the big fish down and finally beached her biggest bass.

This fish made her day, weighing in at six pounds, nine ounces, proving once again it only takes one fish to make a day one that she will never forget. Happy fishing!

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