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As I entered the front door, our business phone was ringing off the hook. I hustled in to answer the call that started with the ominous greeting of “Do not hang up this phone!” I ceremoniously slammed the receiver down, and followed with a few choice words not suitable for a family paper.

I subsequently sat down for a look at the daily paper and locked in on a very timely editorial. It concerned harassment by illegal telemarketing calls that is a problem and obviously a huge distraction for a lot of people besides me.

Kirk Dugas


These robocalls are a pain and an aggravation and a waste of time and money. According to the editorial, good old Louisiana was recently awarded the dubious honor of ranking numero uno in the country for these repetitive and annoying calls. It is quite an honor we can chalk up — right below Louisiana’s outstanding venereal disease rating.  We are number one!

It is supposedly the job of the Federal Trade Commission to monitor and crackdown on this public nuisance.  Good tax-paying citizens are ready, and waiting, for someone to do their job and regulate this growing problem.

It is an affront to paying customers who are making legitimate calls that are business-related. A barrage of wasted robocalls reflects badly on well-intentioned calls concerning pricing and other pertinent details. Such calls get lost in the barrage of robocalls.

Most businesses provide services and require hands-on attention. When the phone rings incessantly with a ridiculous amount of sales calls, it affects the quality of service in a very negative way. It sure takes the fun out of treating your customers with courtesy and appreciation.

Thanks to the American Press for this editorial that addresses this growing and worsening problem. Since I began this article an hour ago, our business phone has gone off three times with, you guessed it, telemarketing calls. The pace will exponentially increase daily around lunchtime, and even stay active into the night!

If nothing else, it sure felt good to vent on a problem that is growing like a cancer.

Now to get back to the good stuff — here is a feel-good fishing story.

Fishing provides us with a great recreational outlet at an affordable cost.  Yes, there are costs incurred, but they can fluctuate with the whims of the fishermen. The sport can run from ridiculously expensive to dirt cheap, according to the choices of the dedicated anglers. The good news is the catching of fish is not always dominated by the guys in the fanciest boat with the most elaborate high tech electronic equipment. All you need to get in the game is a rod, a reel and the burning desire to catch fish.

Good old Lacassine Refuge provides local fishermen with a great place to do what they love to do. Kirk Dugas was chunking and winding on a recent bank-fishing excursion. The bass were aggressive, and he was as happy as only a successful fisherman can be.  

On this great day out in Mother Nature, he put together nine bass with the lunker of a great day weighing in over five pounds. His equipment included his favorite rod and reel and a leak-proof pair of rubber boots.

The second best part of this economical trip was the ensuing fish fry. Kirk ate his fill and even had leftovers for lunch the next day. Once again, except for the telemarketers, Louisiana is a great place to live and enjoy life!  Happy fishing!

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