Father-Son Teams

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Father-Son Teams

As I write this, storm clouds and major winds are brewing as a huge, ominous weather system pushes in from the west. Big time tornadoes are popping up all around this volatile front, causing damage to life and limb. The rain and hail are pounding Southwest Louisiana, but we seem to have missed most of the violent stuff.

Hunter Blanchard


Before this front, fishing locally was beginning to show some life. The Big Burns opened recently, and as usual, has produced good numbers of bass. Mac Blanchard and his son Hunter have put together some productive trips in this vast, shallow-water marsh. This is bass fishing in Louisiana at its very best.

The Burns has a reputation of having good numbers of bass, but mostly topping out around five pounds. Hunter, who has learned his fishing skills very well, scored a giant marsh bass weighing over seven pounds recently. The only person more fired up than him was the old man who taught him to enjoy this great sport known as fishing. Mac was all smiles, and the only way he could have been happier is if he had caught the fish himself!

Another Louisiana father-son team consists of Harold Mckinney and number one son Jay. These guys’ specialty is deer hunting, and they have become very effective at it. They invade the woods of central Louisiana near appropriately named  Forkhorn, and have had a great success rate over the years.

Jay has scored some very respectable wall-hangers in a state not exactly famous for giant bucks. His dad Harold, who at the ripe age of 81 has been a mentor and a great hunting partner, scored a heavy eight-point several years ago, and has been hunting hard ever since. Last year, he put the hammer down on another mounter buck, and the fire still burns brightly.

The Mckinney team, father and son, will be ready and waiting for the upcoming deer season. This is the good life we live in sweet home Louisiana.

Locally, Lacassine Reserve has begun to produce, with several giant marsh bass in the nine-pound zone. This awesome fishing reservoir should do nothing but improve as the weather stabilizes. Lacassine Reserve rules!

McNeese spring sports are in full swing, and so far we are winning our fair share. The girls’ softball team is currently slugging it out and competing hard as they represent in Natchitoches, La. Also, the baseball Cowboys are battling for a position in the Southland Tournament and are making a respectable showing. Currently, they’re on a winning roll!

Get out and support these athletes who represent these great sports teams right here in Lake Charles. Coaches and players alike have paid the price and deserve our support and attendance.

If you’re looking for role models for young athletes, McNeese would be a great place to start. Most of the players had exemplary high school careers and have honed their athletic performances through hard work and dedication. Support the Blue and Gold! Go Cowboys and Cowgirls too! Pack the stands and show we appreciate our teams’ efforts!

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