Wishing You Were Fishing?

Rick Sarro Thursday, May 16, 2019 Comments Off on Wishing You Were Fishing?
Wishing You Were Fishing?

A heavy gully washer rain had just occurred, and fishermen everywhere were ready and waiting to wet a line. Spring fishing is hard to beat, and a real good way to catch a lunker bass.

Leon Tillman and fishing buds were hitting some of their many go-to canals south of town. It was just about time to move on, when Leon made the last cast of the day. A small ditch fed the canal and there was water trickling in. It was a real good place for a big fish to lay up in search of an easy meal.


Leon figured it was probably a low-life garfish when a giant bass broke water. Suddenly things got serious, as the fish and Leon went head-to-head. After a few power runs, this giant canal bass rolled over and Leon lipped him. The fish weighed in at eight pounds, two ounces, and was the picture of a healthy bass that had not been missing many meals.

The recent rains had possibly washed this fish down the estuary. However the fish got there, it sure put a smile on Leon’s face. That proves, once again, you never know what might happen on any given fishing trip. All you have to do is pack up and go to make an adventure of your own.

Austin Arabie was good for his word. He pledged to his son Brian that he would foot the bill if he happened to harvest a mountable buck.

That was basically all the motivation Brian needed. He put his nose to the ground and began to hunt hard. On a cool breezy day, he put his feet to the ground and covered the area. He had previously walked the property in Beauregard Parish, but headed for an area that had been left alone.

Big bucks have a way of finding remote areas with little hunting pressure. Brian eased up to a mature buck that had made this area his honey hole. He fired off an accurate round, scoring a beautiful, piney woods, 10-point buck. The buck had chocolate brown horns on top of a muscular body. This definitely classifies as a trophy Louisiana deer.

Austin took his medicine with a smile, paying off the cost for his son’s buck and loving every minute of it.

A few late season cool fronts have slowed spring fishing, but that is inevitable. A warm spell is forecast and should turn on spring fishing. It’s time for bass to move into the shallows and spawn. The process provides a once-a-year opportunity for a shot at a giant show bass. There have already been several fish with weights in the double-digits caught this early spring. Do not be caught wishing you were fishing!

The McNeese football team just wrapped up spring practice and excitement is in the air! The Cowboys are preparing for a new season, with a new coaching staff. McNeese athletic supporters everywhere, welcome coach Sterlin Gilbert to Lake Charles and wish him all the success.

McNeese has a proud tradition earned through years of hard work and dedication. We will be in the stands on Saturdays, backing our favorite Cowboys. Join us in supporting these coaches and players who work so hard to perfect their game. It is worth the price of admission just to experience the McNeese rendition of “Jolie Blanc.”  It is truly a moving experience. Go Cowboys!

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