Bass Of A Lifetime

Michael Kurth Thursday, May 2, 2019 Comments Off on Bass Of A Lifetime
Bass Of A Lifetime

Spring has sprung, and it is a great time to get out in the great outdoors. If you enjoy the thrill of fishing, this is your prime time. After the cold weather has finally backed off, big sow bass make their yearly sojourn to shallow water, where they spawn. This provides a great window of opportunity to have a decent shot at catching a giant lunker bass.

Frank Courmier’s lunker bass.


If nothing else, it gives an excuse for sportsmen to get out and soak up some beautiful spring weather. It is totally lagniappe if you happen to catch the biggest fish of your lifetime. Limber up your fishing rods; it is time to go fishing.

Toledo Bend is as good a place as any to catch a trophy lunker bass. Frank Courmier had put in a day’s work trying to score a spring lunker bass, but the fish were not cooperating at all. But, Frank kept on chunking and winding as the sun set. It only takes one giant fish to turn a trip around, but Frank’s casting arm was starting to stiffen up.

Suddenly a light pickup put him on point, and he set the hook hard. Frank knew from the get-go that this was something special. The fish made several power runs indicative of a big fish, and for a while, it was a Mexican standoff. What a great sight to see what a show a lunker bass can put on in four feet of skinny water.

Finally, the fish began to tire, as Frank slowly turned his head toward the boat. He lipped the giant with shaking hands and a racing heartbeat. Also, his casting arm felt fine, now.

Frank headed for camp, and the nearest accurate scale, to weigh the fish. The fish pegged the double-digit mark, weighing in at a whopping ten pounds, eight ounces. This is surely the bass of a lifetime, and capable of turning a slow trip into one Frank will always cherish. This is why we fish, and especially during the spring season.

Jason Simms hooked up with his first of kin. They doubled up for a kicked-back day on Sam Rayburn Lake. They were committed to mounting their hawg of the day as a memento of an unforgettable trip. They boated a 6-pound, 15-ounce lunker bass that put an exclamation point on an already great day.

The Fontenot boys, Andre and Gavin, made a day of it recently in beautiful Lacassine Refuge. They worked for their fish, but topped off the trip with a healthy hawg weighing in at more than seven pounds.

Get out and support McNeese spring sports. The football team just completed spring practice, and Cowboy nation anxiously awaits their debut. Go Cowboys!

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