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Show Time

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. In some cases, it is worth trying something different to enhance your chances for success. It is knowing when to experiment and when to play it cool that is the trick. It is especially tough to figure out and pattern a mature whitetail buck.

Stephen Andrus and his Oklahoma bruiser.


That’s exactly what was on Stephen Andrus’ mind when he packed up and headed to Oklahoma in his quest for a good buck. He was well prepared, having practiced his kill shot many times over with his favorite bow. He was hunting on public land, so he had his work cut out for him.

Every once in a blue moon, everything just falls into place. It doesn’t happen often, so you must seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Stephen spotted the buck approaching from 100 yards away. He ventured an abbreviated grunt with his call, but the big buck had other things on his mind. A smaller eight-point buck had invaded his domain and a fight was imminent.

Stephen sprang into action, executing a perfect snort wheeze that got the buck’s attention. The deer forgot about the smaller buck, and made a beeline directly to Stephen. The buck wasted no time, closing the distance to investigate this “intruder” buck.

Kirby Oertling is heading to Dubai.


Stephen had just enough time to prepare himself for the shot as the buck stepped into the kill zone. He was at full draw when the buck stopped broadside at 15 yards. It was show time, as Stephen executed the shot he had diligently practiced. It was all over but the crying. The healthy 10-point did not go far. Chalk one up for a good old Louisiana boy. This buck was a picture of health, with smooth chocolate horns and a nice thick neck in full rut. The buck would make the drive home to Kinder painless.

Spring fishing is right around the corner, and it’s a great time to be out on the water. The good people of Louisiana have easy access to some of the best fishing opportunities in this great state. We have arguably some of the best odds to find something to stretch your line. Whether it is fresh or saltwater fishing that turns you on, we have it all covered.

Adrian Hollier of Lake Charles headed west to Sam Rayburn Lake for a pre-spring bass adventure. The water was cool and the fishing action predictably slow, but it only takes one. Adrian hung in there, and was eventually paid back. For his effort, he was rewarded with a fine, healthy Big Sam hawg weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces. This fish turned the trip around. This sort of event is why spring fishing is so exciting.

McNeese baseball and softball teams are in full swing. The players and coaches would greatly appreciate your support. You cannot find any more bang for your bucks for great sports entertainment.  Go McNeese!

Local athlete Kirby Oertling will represent the United States at the World Special Olympics this month in Dubai.  He is the only athlete who qualified from Louisiana, competing in the Pentathlon, which consists of the 100-meter race, long jump, shotput, 400-meter race and high jump. Kirby was a 2018 National Silver medalist in the pentathlon, and has paid his dues. 

Kirby, a former St. Louis High School student, has the support and backing of the entire state of Louisiana — and of course, the good old USA.  Good luck, and local sports fans are pulling for you.

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