The Kansas Bruiser

Rocke Fournet Thursday, February 21, 2019 Comments Off on The Kansas Bruiser
The Kansas Bruiser

This past duck and goose hunting season was the worst Louisiana water fowlers have ever experienced, and it was not even close. For a multitude of reasons, the birds that normally winter here never showed up. Most mornings featured mostly empty skies.

Bowhunter Chris Breaux with his monster Kansas buck.


In actuality, Sportsman’s Paradise duck and goose hunting success rates have been on a steady decline. This was the year the hunting bottomed out.

Many hunting camps were forced to cancel hunts due to lack of birds. Prime spots in the marshes and rice fields with good hunting reputations had their moments. But overall, the action was slow.

All you can do is really appreciate the good hunts and hope next year is better. Local hunters have to adjust to fewer birds and somewhat lowered expectations. 

Still, at the end of the season, the slow hunts will fade away and the good hunts will always be remembered in vivid detail.

We went into Super Bowl Sunday without the beloved New Orleans Saints. Most of the state’s ardent football crazies will never be the same.  The no call will go down in football history as the penalty that begged to be flagged. For whatever reason, the officials froze and refused to make the obvious call.

More than a few hardcore Saints fans vowed to boycott the big game. If they stuck to their guns, it should have been the worst audience for any previous Super Bowl. But, life goes on. And it is only a game. Right?

Now that hunting seasons are over, we have freezing weather with another front approaching. Where was this winter weather when we needed it?

Before you know it, it will be time to prepare for spring fishing. Last year set the success rate at a high level, with ideal conditions for a bonus year. A decent winter, complete with freezing temperatures, should keep the grasses under control. When the spring weather warms, big spawning bass should be active, as they move in shallow water to lay their eggs.

Reports of the return of hydrilla on Toledo Bend are encouraging for the many who love their moss beds. Local hotspot Lacassine Reserve had a super year for lunker bass. This awesome impoundment produced several marsh hawgs in double digits.

Saltwater fisherman have their ace-in-the hole redfish that almost guarantee something to stretch your line. Encouraging reports of redfish activity during warm spells this winter indicate good stocks of fish.

A limit of bull redfish is hard to beat for pure fun and excitement.  Hopefully, the speckled trout numbers will improve after a weak year last season.

We saved the best hunting story for last. Chris Breaux headed for big buck Kansas country. He was well practiced with a bow and arrow and looking to redeem himself. Last season, he scratched; so he was on a mission.  

He scoped the area and set up in a thicket of cedar. A monster buck approached like he was on a string. Chris readied himself for the shot.

The buck froze as Chris drew his bow, but it was too little too late. The arrow found its mark on a shot that had been rehearsed many times before. This Kansas bruiser carried 10 points with 183 inches of bone on his head. This is why hunters make the journey to Kansas each year.

What a buck! It was a close call as to who was more excited, Chris or his Dad and number one fan, Mike!

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