First-Grader Ryan’s Monster Red

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First-Grader Ryan’s Monster Red

It is a new year, and a great time to count our blessings. We have a lot to be grateful for, living the good life in Louisiana. If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you’ve landed in the right place. This is truly a sportsman’s paradise.

Daryl Kingery


If you want to hook your offspring on fishing, let them go toe-to-toe with a bull redfish. That was the plan, as Captain Adam Lacock motored out with his son, Ryan. The first-grader was all in with this most exciting trip with his dad.

They idled into the Cameron Jetties with an ample supply of cut mullet. It wasn’t long before Ryan was hanging on for dear life as a big red peeled drag. The youngster felt the burn in his arms, and could not stop smiling. It was a war of wills, as neither the fish nor the little fisherman would give up.

Later rather than sooner, the bull red finally rolled over and Dad landed him. Ryan’s red of the day was 35 inches long and weighed in at more than 20 pounds. Ryan was all smiles and was actually ready for bedtime that night. This was a classic father-son bonding moment that neither will ever forget.

Jim Sichko now hails from Kentucky, but grew up right here in God’s country, Hackberry. He booked a fishing trip in hopes of catching his first game fish.

Ryan Lacock with his 20-lb. red and dad Adam


Father Sichko is a priest, and had never felt the joy of recreational fishing. But he was game as his anointed guide headed to Black Bayou.  

Before long, Father Jim hooked into a Louisiana redfish, and he was christened. It was truly a momentous occasion. It was a magic moment that saw a priest converted into a fisherman. Only in Louisiana! Praise God!

It’s been a somewhat slow year for local waterfowl hunters. Daily bag limits were off for most diehard hunters, but most learned to live with it.  Sometimes less is more!

Louisiana duck and goose hunters have suffered through consecutive seasons with minimal birds to show for their efforts. In general, we’re seeing the lowest number of birds ever wintering in this great state. The times they are a changing.

Daryl “Spoonbill” Kingery hooked up with Jim Boyer for a hunting adventure to Hackberry. Jim Bel’s exclusive “Hackberry Hilton” was their destination. It was a gray day with decent numbers of gadwall that decoyed beautifully and saved the day. The two finished the hunt with some colorful widgeon and were thrilled to have them.

Back at camp, Jimmy more than showed off his extraordinary culinary skills. He can handle a spatula with a practiced hand. Needless to say, Daryl and Jim did not miss any meals. It’s called the good life, and it’s Louisiana style.

Hunting seasons are winding down, and it would sure be nice to have a strong finish. It’s best not to leave anything on the table, and you’ll be glad you gave it one last try.

Happy hunting and fishing too! Have a happy New Year, and when in doubt, get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Also, support McNeese basketball!

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