Happy Hunting

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Happy Hunting

There is a brisk wind blowing out of the north, and it is prime time to go hunting. Temperatures are expected to plummet into the forties in our very near future, and not a moment too soon.

Seven-year-old Addy Fontenot is a crack shot.


Waterfowlers will be up with the chickens as migratory waterfowl season kicks off. Reports of good concentrations of birds have been sketchy, but it is opening weekend, so there should be enough action to go around.

There is nothing that compares to a youngster having some success in the great outdoors. Seven-year-old Addy Fontenot was hunkered down with her dad near their home in Singer. The deer action was slow, and this young girl was getting antsy. She whispered to her dad that she was about ready to pack it in, when it happened.

A fine ten-point buck materialized out of nowhere, and it was showtime. Addy shouldered her rifle just like she had practiced, and took a deep breath. The gun bucked, and she executed a true stone-cold kill shot.

It was hard to figure who was more excited. This was a father-daughter moment that will last both of them a lifetime. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Fifteen-year-old Marcus Duhon is a freshman at St. Louis High School, who loves his fishing. He had just topped off a great year representing the Saints on the football field. He lined up as a free safety, and wide receiver on offense. But, the season was over and it was time for some fun.

His grandpa, Freddie Picou, had pledged a fishing trip at the end of football season and Marcus was all in. Next to football, fishing was his favorite thing and he was a natural.

Jeff Scarborough’s awesome Kansas buck.


He and grandpa headed south to Calcasieu Point in search of something to stretch their lines. Fishing off the bank, Marcus set the hook hard, and the battle was on. There is nothing like going toe-to-toe with a bull redfish, especially with grandpa in a front row seat.

It was a war of give-and-take as the red made several power runs. When the smoke cleared, a 17-pound bull red surfaced and both grandpa and grandson were all smiles. The old man was good for his promise to mount the youngster’s first trophy fish, and this redfish more than qualified.

Check out Jeff Scarborough’s awesome Kansas buck. Jeff lives for bow hunting and is dedicated to this great sport. To harvest a mature buck with a bow takes practice and patience. Jeff is no stranger to trophy bucks, but this monster had him hyperventilating on the buck’s final approach.

With a well-placed arrow and a shot that was practiced beaucoup times before, this giant did not go far. This buck’s body and horns make it crystal clear as to why deer hunters love this place. Jeff’s Kansas giant scored over 180 inches of bone on his head with a massive body to match. Truly, a buck of a lifetime. “Les Bon Temp Roule, neg!” Have a happy and safe hunting season.

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