Toledo Bend Adventure

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Toledo Bend Adventure

When you are hot, you are hot! Chad Chiasson was busy remodeling his favorite camp on Toledo Bend when nature called. He was wrapping up his carpenter job, and it was due time to go fishing. He traded in his hammer for his favorite rod and reel.

It felt great just to get out on the water with mild weather and a hint of fall in the air. The bass were aggressive, ready and willing to attack his bait.

Chad Chiasson


Chad was chunking and winding his favorite top water bait, and the action was about to heat up.  

A giant fish blew up the surface of the water but missed the bait. Chad stopped the bait to gather himself before continuing his retrieve.  

The hungry bass was just waiting for a second blow-up. The attack was a no-nonsense strike that engulfed hooks and all. Chad set the hook and held on for dear life.

The fish peeled drag and put up a great fight before succumbing to the net.  This bass was “hawg of the day,” weighing in over eight pounds, and healthy as a horse.

Chad was working his bait over the beds of hydrilla that had made a welcome return to the lake. The big moss beds disappeared after several dry seasons but are back, along with bass action. Bass love high oxygen grass beds to cruise and look for potential baitfish.  

On this trip, Chad released beaucoup small fish in the 12-inch category. These yearling bass are a great sign for future productive trips. The future on Toledo Bend is bright, with great stocks of small fish that are the future for this great fisher.

Chad has made several return trips and scored healthy bass in the over-five-pound zone. All you need is a top water bait and endless beds of hydrilla.  A real fish fry was on with the smaller bass he kept …

It has been an exceptional year at old-faithful Lacassine Reserve. This awesome freshwater impoundment recently shut down for the year. But, anglers Jason and Amanda Guidry saved the best for last on a recent trip.  

They double-teamed the bass, scoring a giant over eight pounds before the Reserve shut it down. Both fishermen are already anxiously awaiting the grand opening next spring.

Finally, several back-to-back cool fronts have spelled relief for local sportsmen. These fronts are just in time for the kickoff of local hunting seasons and just what the doctor ordered. We have endured enough heat and mosquitoes this year, so bring it.

Hopefully, these fronts will pave the way for cooler weather and way less humidity. The more bearable weather conditions will surely put you in the mood for both hunting and football seasons.

Football teams are over the hump, and fans everywhere are grateful. The McNeese Cowboys are right where they need to be for the play-offs. They are leading the league and have positioned themselves at the top of the heap.

The Cowboys, who were left out of the play-offs last year, are on the track to not be left out again. They control their own destiny, and local die-hard fans are appreciative of their efforts.

Pick a favorite, get out to the stadium and show your support. This cool weather feels like football, and it is a great time to catch your favorite team. Local players deserve your backing for all their hard work and dedication.

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