Bull Reds Pick Up The Slack

Rocke Fournet Friday, September 21, 2018 Comments Off on Bull Reds Pick Up The Slack
Bull Reds Pick Up The Slack

Good riddance to the month of August. It’s been a smoking hot summer, and local sportsmen are ready for a change. We’ve still got some hot days in our near future, but the worst is mercifully over.

Ryan Poole with his 8-lb., 15-oz. Lacassine post-spawn hawg.


Conditions for fishing weren’t quite ideal, but sometimes you just have to go and answer the call. Ryan Poole packed his gear and headed south to Lacassine Refuge. This was by no means an ideal day, with prevailing winds howling. But you can’t catch fish if you stay at the house.

Ryan had already registered a great year in this vast marsh, so this was a lagniappe trip. His track record had been awesome this year, with nice limits on a regular basis. But like most avid fishermen, Ryan was searching for a certified wall hanger.

It was the post-spawn, so catching a real trophy bass was going to be dicey, at best. With no cover, the high wind was white-capping the water, and this was certainly not going to be easy! Throwing his go-to bait, a weedless Senko, it didn’t take long.

A giant bass cleared the surface of the lily pads, and the fight was on. With the wind pushing the boat out of control, Ryan decided to switch to plan B. He bailed out into the shallow water, and this became mano versus a giant bass.

He kept a tight line as the big fish tore through the lilies, pushing an awesome wake. It was a slugfest in waist-deep water when Ryan finally lipped the fish’s lower jaw. This Lacassine post-spawn hawg weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces, and made a tough day into a trip he will never forget. It only takes one fish to turn the tide; that’s what’s great about fishing and keeps us coming back!

Big bull redfish have been the story this year, and have headlined saltwater fishing this season. While speckled trout action has been hit or miss, the bull reds have picked up the slack. Big schools of reds are in the process of chasing baitfish and shrimp on a daily basis.

Jamie Brooks hooked up with Captain Kevin Broussard for a Hackberry redfish excursion. Both anglers were whipped, catching and releasing reds until their arms wore out. Jamie took big fish honors with a giant 37-inch redfish that peeled his drag.

The Calcasieu Ship Channel is a good place to be if you’re in search of large speckled trout in the month of August. William Patterson and Tom Adams were all over big trout recently. The elusive trout bite was on and these fishermen were in their element. William scored big fish with a 5-pound, 10-ounce speckled beauty.

The wind is currently pushing out of the north, begging sportsmen to roll out of bed and enjoy Mother Nature’s best, as the days are growing shorter.

It’s a great time of year to be a Louisiana sportsman. We’ve got it all in the Bayou State. It’s year-round first rate fishing followed by hunting seasons. Also, it’s time to buckle-up those chin straps and enjoy some contact football. Get out, support your favorite teams, and show your appreciation. Go McNeese!

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