Sunbathing Wedding Crasher

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Sunbathing Wedding Crasher


In Devon, England, a couple who had just exchanged vows at the Furrough Cross Church moved their wedding party to Tessier Gardens next door to take pictures. But a sunbathing woman who was squarely in the frame of the wedding photos refused to move from her towel. So the party just posed around her. The groom’s son approached the woman and asked her to move, but she “pretended to be asleep,” he told Metro News. Later, she did move but left her belongings. “It was bloody rude and disrespectful,” claimed Natalie Ming, a relative of the groom.

The Cardboard Javier

During the 2014 World Cup, five friends in Durango, Mexico, made a pact to travel to the 2018 tournament in Russia. They saved their money, bought a bus, painted it in Mexico’s colors and booked passage for themselves and the bus on a ship going to Spain, where the friends planned to drive the bus to Russia. But just before they boarded the ship, one of the five, Javier, told his friends his wife had put the kibosh on his trip. So the remaining four did the next best thing: They made a cardboard life-size cutout of Javier, looking grumpy and wearing a shirt that says, “My wife didn’t let me go,” and set off for Russia. The cardboard Javier has been very popular at the soccer venues, attracting female admirers, appearing on the big screen, crowdsurfing and being photographed with fellow football fans from all over the world.

I Write Sign Good

Ron Ward wrote “ARE YOU BLIND IT 25 MPH” on a sign that he placed along his street in Grand Rapids, Mich. Ward has been making signs for years. Ward claims, “By the time (drivers) hit this here driveway, they’re doing at least 50-55 miles an hour.” He wants people to follow the Richmond Street speed limit. “Slow down, the whole neighborhood’s got kids,” he said. The City of Grand Rapids, however, has no plans for speed monitoring on the street.

The Critical Thinking Con

Visitors crowding into a Vancouver, Canada, street festival were invited — at $38 a pop — to try a new health craze: Hot Dog Water. The drink is marketed as a gluten-free, Keto diet-compatible, post-workout source of sodium and electrolytes. Every sleek bottle, which promises to help with weight loss, contains a hot dog. It’s also a prank. Hot Dog Water CEO Douglas Bevans told Global News the product was dreamed up as a response to the “snake oil salesmen” of health marketing. In small print at the bottom of the sales sheet is this disclaimer: “Hot Dog Water in its absurdity hopes to encourage critical thinking related to product marketing and the significant role it can play in our purchasing choices.”

The Dangers Of Watering Plants

In North Port, Fla., a witness watched as 75-year-old Helena Molnar beat an unnamed man with a water jug after he watered her plants. When he emptied the rest of the water in the jug on her plants, she went inside her house and returned with a different weapon, which the witness didn’t see but said “made a different sound” than the water jug. North Port police arrived to find the victim soaking wet, with blood drops on his shirt. Molnar was charged with battery.

Hey, Doggie. It’s Not Your Fault.

Fort Dodge, Iowa, may not exactly be the Wild West, but tell that to Balew, the pit bull-lab mix belonging to 51-year-old Richard Remme. As Remme and Balew roughhoused at home on May 9, Balew bounded back up onto the couch, where, according to The Messenger, he managed to shoot his owner in the leg. “I carry in a belly band, under my bib overalls,” Remme told the newspaper. “And apparently he bumped the safety one time, and when he bounded back over one of his toes went right down into the trigger guard,” he explained. Remme didn’t realize he’d been shot until his pant leg started to turn purple. Balew, however, “thought he was in trouble for doing something wrong,” Remme said. He “laid down beside me and cried.”

Hot Chocolate

A tractor-trailer load of chocolate was lost when a truck caught fire near Dexter, Iowa. The trailer, full of chocolate from Hershey, Penn., was westbound when it experienced brake problems that caused it to ignite. The driver pulled off and was able to detach the trailer from the cab before it caught fire. No injuries were reported, but the chocolate was a total loss.

Please, No Unicorns On The Space Arks

Many citizens of the world are weary of the war and strife that seem to be consuming the news. About 200,000 of them have signed up to put it all behind them by becoming citizens of Asgardia. This proposed colony on the moon is led by Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian engineer, computer scientist and businessman who was inaugurated as its leader on June 25 in Vienna. Asgardia’s parliament plans to set up “space arks” with artificial gravity in the next 10 to 15 years. Ashurbeyli hopes the projected 150 million citizens will finish their settlement on the moon within 25 years. Asgardia is named after Asgard, a “world in the sky” in Norse mythology. Its leaders hope to attract a population from among the “most creative” in humanity, perhaps by using “IQ tests,” according to Ashurbeyli. For the time being, becoming a citizen online is free.

Yes, I Am High

Travelers aboard a Delta Air Lines flight that had just landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta were startled when a nearly naked man ran up to their plane and jumped onto a wing, then attempted to open an emergency exit. Jhyrin Jones, 19, had scaled a fence topped with razor wire to reach the runway. Just minutes before, he had jumped on some parked cars at a nearby construction site and yelled, “I’m gonna kill y’all. I’m going to blow this place up. Trust nobody. You better believe me.” A police report indicated Jones “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.” He was charged with criminal trespass and public indecency, among other things.

Just Try To Get Off The Grid

An 82-year-old Japanese man who has lived as a naked hermit on a deserted island near Taiwan since 1989 has been forced to return to Japan. Masafumi Nagasaki made his way to Sotobanari Island 29 years ago and told Reuters that he wished to die there. “Finding a place to die is an important thing to do,” Nagasaki said, “and I’ve decided here is the place for me.” 

Earlier reports indicated that he at one time had a wife and two children, and he ran a hostess club in Niigata, Japan. “In civilization, people treated me like an idiot and made me feel like one. On this island I don’t feel like that,” he said. Nagasaki explained that at first he wore clothes on the island, but a typhoon destroyed his belongings. Alvaro Cerezo, who documents the stories of island castaways, told that in April, authorities removed Nagasaki from the island and placed him in government housing in Ishigaki, Japan, because he was ill and weak. “They took him back to civilization and that’s it,” Cerezo said. “They won’t allow him to return.”

Meet Louis, The OCD Gorilla In Philadelphia


Louis, an 18-year-old male gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo, appears to be something of a germophobe, according to the Associated Press. When he is carrying food, 6-foot-tall Louis walks on his hind legs, like a human, rather than leaning forward on his front knuckles, as gorillas usually do. Zoo curator Michael Stern says workers installed a fire hose over a mud puddle in Louis’ yard, which he crosses like a tightrope to avoid getting his feet dirty. Stern says in the wild, gorillas may stand up on their hind feet to reach food or wade in a swamp, but only for a few seconds.


James J. Rynerson, 38, was being held in the Mesa County (Colorado) Jail after being charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespass. But sheriff’s deputies at the jail released him, having mistaken him for Marvin March, 35, a different inmate. Jail staff gave Rynerson March’s belongings, and he wore March’s leather jacket as he signed March’s name to the release papers and left the facility. 

Rynerson’s wife was startled to see her husband in the garage at their home, and after he explained what happened, she convinced him to go back. She “personally drove him back to the Mesa County Detention Facility,” the report noted, and he was back in custody by 11 pm, with new charges, including escape and forgery, added to his list.

Hear About The Roach?

Mr. Li of China’s Guangdong Province went to the doctor at Pingshan Hospital in Shenzhen after feeling discomfort and pain in his ear. Using an otoscope scan, the doctor discovered a live cockroach burrowing into the 52-year-old man’s ear canal. “It’s still alive; still moving,” the doctor can be heard saying on video. She cut the roach into pieces to remove it and disinfected Li’s ear with alcohol in case it had laid eggs.

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