Are You Ready For Football?

Rocke Fournet Monday, September 10, 2018 Comments Off on Are You Ready For Football?
Are You Ready For Football?

Are you ready for some football?  At last, teams are in summer training camps, and football season is pending.  It’s been a long, hot off-season for teams and coaches, but it’s almost time to kick it off for real.


Several weak cool fronts have arrived lately, signaling the opening of football camps and making the daily temperatures almost bearable. As always, anticipation of that opening kickoff is at fever pitch.  To say this part of the coxuntry is football crazy would be an understatement.  At every skill level, the great state of Louisiana excels in football and easily leads the country with football crazies.

As I write, dedicated players and coaches are paying the price in summer camp to put on a quality show this season. It takes a ton of hard work and dedication to prepare a team for success on the gridiron. The heat is brutal and presents tremendous hardships on those whose wish is to survive and compete.

When the lights come on, it will be crystal clear as to why they play this great game. Football is a team sport and relationships with other players is a lifetime bond. Any player who survives Louisiana’s tropical heat has earned the respect of coaches and fellow players.

Many of life’s lessons can be taught on the football field. If nothing else, you will learn to push yourself past the physical and mental hardships that put your stamina to the test. Only the strong will survive!

This is a tremendous change of seasons, as the fall coincides with football season. All those hardships players and coaches endured in spring and summer sessions begin to pay dividends. There is no greater reward than when you begin to experience some success on the football field where you have invested blood, sweat and tears.

When game night finally rolls around, there is nothing that comes close to the feeling you experience as a member of your chosen team. That feeling, earned through hard work, does not come easily, but makes all the work well worth it.

It is the die-hard fans who fill stadiums that really make game night special. Die-hard football fans are a dedicated breed all their own. Louisiana has more than its fair share of knowledgeable football experts.

We are blessed to be living in a land where the pigskin rules. The upcoming fall weekends will be dominated by the great sport we all know as football. Friday night lights will soon usher in high school football games and provide a great show.

Saturdays are owned by college games and super athletes with great dedication to the game. Go Cowboys!  This is competition at its level best.

Sundays provide games played by professionals being paid to play this wonderful game. Go figure and go Saints!

Dust off your pompoms and get ready for the excitement of another great year of football fun. Support your favorite teams and pray for some cool air! Please! Go McNeese!

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