The Cajun Team

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The Cajun Team

The low this morning was a balmy 78 degrees with the high forecast at 96. We are just rounding the corner into August with no relief in sight. It has been hotter than blazes, and as the wise old Cajun declared, “so fa cho, neg!” This is heat, Louisiana style.

Rebecca White


This is as good a time as any to reminisce in an effort to beat the heat. Hit the reset button and travel back to January. Old Man Winter had just pushed through with an Arctic front dropping the temperature to freezing, and it was time to go hunting.

The local contingent of dedicated archers was packed up and ready to head west to Kansas, land of the giant bucks. The three local amigos — consisting of Jeff Scarborough, Kerry Savant and Shannon Howard — were geared up for a shot at a Midwestern bruiser buck.

Kerry was on injured reserve, having endured by-pass heart surgery, and was still in rehab mode. But, come hell or high water, he would not be left behind. The deer were in full rut, and it was prime time for a dominant buck.

First, it took some teamwork to get everyone in position. Kerry had to literally be hand-carried to his sweet spot near an alfalfa field. But his buddies made sure he was on his stand and situated for a chance at a buck well before daybreak. You have to love these guys!

Justus Matthews


Shannon was hunkered down in a ground blind not far away when the moment of truth arrived. A Kansas doe eased into range with a giant buck not far behind. Shannon tinkled his rattling horns just enough to sweeten the pot. The big buck took the bait and made a beeline to Shannon’s position. It was show time!

This was an example of textbook bow hunting 101. The buck came directly to the doe, offering Shannon a broadside shot at 25 yards. All three of these hunters had done their homework and practiced for this very moment.

Shannon zeroed in and let loose with a smooth release. This awesome Kansas monster buck did not travel far. Chalk one up for the Cajun team. This buck of a lifetime had 11 points scoring over 160 inches of measurable antlers. An awesome Kansas buck!

Kerry and Jeff were just as happy with Shannon’s fine buck as if they had pulled the trigger themselves. It takes teamwork, and all shared in the harvesting of this great buck.

Kerry claims that the most effective rehab after heart surgery is to go hunting. He is convalescing quite well, and it’s a lead pipe cinch he will be bow hunting this coming year.

Back to the real world where temperatures are topping out and in triple digits — this down-time provides bow hunters an opportunity to sharpen their shooting skills in preparation for the real deal. When the shot presents itself, you can have confidence in your shooting capability.

Sooner rather than later, that western cool front will approach, and you will be glad you took the time and effort to practice your shots. Happy hunting and stay cool!

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