Drive Time

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Drive Time

At Bayou Technologies, one of the biggest complaints we hear is how slowly a client’s computer is running. Having your computer crawl can be not only aggravating, but costly.

Kevin Herrick, one of my techs, is a firm believer in one solution that can often alleviate a sluggish system, and has detailed some of his arguments for such an upgrade.

For any business, speed, reliability and availability are requirements. With IT entrenched in virtually every industry, it’s important your computers have those attributes. Solid state drives can provide a big boost in system performance, thereby increasing productivity.

Often, simply upgrading to an SSD can extend the life of a computer by alleviating the need to purchase an entire new system. While the initial costs may be slightly more than a traditional mechanical hard drive, the reliability and speed improvements provided by an SSD means savings in IT repairs, less downtime, and more productivity for your workers.

There are many advantages to SSDs, and they’re fairly easy to implement.

What makes an SSD so much better than a hard drive? Unlike mechanical hard drives, solid state drives have no moving parts, as they use flash memory to store data. Moving parts tend to fail after a couple years of regular use. This can lead to costly repairs and, worse yet, data loss.

A solid state drive as a storage medium is far superior. At Bayou Technologies, we see data loss and costly data recovery from mechanical hard drives on a regular basis, while data loss from a USB flash drive is a rare occurrence.

Reading and writing data is significantly faster when using an SSD, leading to far superior performance as opposed to a mechanical drive.

There is one disadvantage to using an SSD: there’s a smaller amount of storage space. However, with larger SSDs becoming much more economical, and the ability to complement an SSD with a mechanical hard drive for extra storage, this issue is largely negated.

In the chart, we see a comprehensive list showing the many advantages of an SSD compared to a traditional hard drive.

As shown, the advantages an SSD offers make it a great investment for any business. It’s easily the best way to turn an aging, sluggish computer into a well-running system.

What is your best option for a seamless upgrade? A trustworthy IT provider can back up the data from your current drive, install the new SSD, and migrate your existing data. The result is a much faster computer and a greatly decreased chance of failure, resulting in savings on IT repairs.

The next time you feel your computer has seen its last days, consider an SSD upgrade to revitalize its performance. You’ll end up saving time, money and aggravation.

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