Chess Match With A Deer

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Chess Match With A Deer

Kolby Brown and his first deer.

A real cold front is approaching as I write this — and not a day too soon. It’s been an overall warm year, even by Louisiana standards. An approaching Arctic front is the real deal, and should introduce some freezing winter weather to Louisiana. Bring it!

Regan Brown and his nine-year-old son Kolby headed west to the rolling hills of Oklahoma. They were on a mission for the young hunter to score his first deer. Winter weather had dropped the icy wind below the freezing mark just to welcome these southern boys. They would have to earn it.

Several mighty fine does entered the field, and Regan went on red alert. He began to signal Junior when he heard the telltale snoring. Kolby was taking a catnap in the interest of staying warm, as Dad’s blood pressure zoomed. This was happening fast.

It didn’t take the deer long to figure out all was not right, and they began jumping the fence to exit the field, posthaste!

Kolby rubbed the sleep from his eyes and strained to focus. As the last doe set to clear the fence, he pulled the trigger and put the hammer down on his first deer ever. It was truly a sweet memory for a classic father and son moment. Dad was all smiles.

Specklebelly Geese

Earlier, during the Oklahoma bow season, Regan sat tight until mid-morning and began to lower his bow to the ground. As fate would have it, when his bow reached Mother Earth, a buck suddenly appeared. Regan began the slow, painstaking process of retrieving his weapon. This would have to be sneaky!

The buck zeroed in on the mysterious moving bow, but did not alert. As soon as the deer spotted the movement, Regan stopped and waited until the buck calmed down. It was a chess match between the hunter and the hunted.

After what seemed like forever, Regan put his hands back on his trusty bow. Still picking his spots to move, he knocked an arrow and let one fly. It was an accurate shot, and his first Oklahoma buck of the season was OK. Bow hunting will teach you patience, and Regan learned his lessons well.

Check out the beautiful limit of specklebelly geese scored near Thornwell, La., recently. The geese were bodying up in the dead center of a large field when shots got them moving. They bee-lined it over a nearby blind and it was crying time. The hunters didn’t waste many shots, dropping their limits with some sweet shooting.

The second-best part to the hunt is these birds when they’ve been dressed and are simmering in a black pot.  Specklebellies, known by Cajuns as the “filet mignon of the sky,” are dynamite to eat and make some good brown gravy.  There will not be a morsel wasted between chowhounds Dan Fontenot, Chad Richard and Cooper Fournet.

It’s finally winter, so slide into your warm skivvies and enjoy it! Happy hunting! Support McNeese basketball teams!

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