They’re Never Too Young

Rocke Fournet Thursday, June 22, 2017 Comments Off on They’re Never Too Young
They’re Never Too Young

They’re little chips off the old block. It’s so important to expose youngsters to the beauty that Mother Nature has provided for us to enjoy. They’re never too young to plant the seed of love for the great outdoors. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, from one generation to the next.

Rob Prejean with grandson Will.

When you take a kid on an outdoor trip, it’s a lead pipe cinch you’re going to have a good time. There are so many of life’s lessons to be experienced; these lessons benefit child and adult alike; it’s way worth the effort.

There’s a special bond between grandfathers and young siblings. As patriarch of the family, a grandfather has much wisdom to impart, and the youngsters are much like sponges: they can soak it up and come back for more. Grandpa will need a nap after an excursion with his grandbaby. These are truly matches made in heaven. Fishing bridges the generation gap.

Rob Prejean has chalked up a lifetime of great adventures doing what he loves to do. He has become an accomplished fisherman through the many lessons he has learned while in his dogged pursuit of them. His commitment to this great sport naturally will now rub off on his grandson.

Rob and young grandson Will Rase hooked up for a recent fishing adventure neither will ever forget. They were itching for anything to stretch their line, and Will was happy just to be there.

Emery McCormick with grandfather John Stacy.

A giant white perch weighing over two pounds made Will and Grandpa’s day. This was a lifetime experience and a time to cherish. This could be the pre-cursor for many fun trips to come. With a hungry eye, Will is checking that white perch very closely, thinking how good it will look in the skillet.

At the ripe age of four, this little fisher-girl has already caught several species of native fish. Her grandfather, John Jumpshot Stacy, has seen to it that Emory has had the opportunity to do what she loves. After landing a keeper bass, she exclaimed, “I love fishing.” Truer words were never spoken.

Emory has now expanded her range. On a recent marsh trip, she squared off with some over-sized white perch. She also loved them, and let John know she wanted to go again. It does not get much better! Do yourself a favor and take a kid fishing.

Congratulations are in order to the McNeese Cowboys baseball team — and ditto for the Cowgirls softball team. They both posted great seasons and scored big wins against some world-class programs. Both teams put on a great show for local athletic supporters, and we appreciate their efforts. The future of McNeese athletics is bright due to the respect these teams have garnered. Local fans are looking forward to next season — that’s a good thing!

Get out of the house and support the team of your choice. These athletes more than deserve your support and backing.

Go McNeese!

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