The Green House Salad Co.

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The Green House Salad Co.

3625 Nelson Rd., Suite D • 337-214-2975  •

By Danny Garrett

This article is somewhat of an oddity compared to the other pieces in this vegetarian food column. From Toga Grill to Botsky’s, the point has been to dispel the myth that all vegetarians eat — or can eat — is a trite assortment of leafy greens and raw root vegetables, all mixed within the same dreary dish. Thus, I’ve tried my best to stay clear from recommending restaurants and dishes that confirm a direct association between vegetarians and salads, at least the dull variety.

But after extensively describing Cajun red beans and rice, Greek/Lebanese falafel sandwiches and Indian Aloo Gobi, you should get the point: vegetarians eat well, too, and they have a diversity of meals to choose from. Vegetarian meals don’t always equal healthy either. Every once in a while, having a meal that’s fried or heavy in starches is OK — as long as it’s not a common or substantial part in your diet.

With these myths dispelled, we can now get to salad, and in true fashion, I’ll recommend one of the best shops in town that offers the dish that doesn’t compromise on taste, texture, diversity, presentation and the health factor. The restaurant I have in mind is Green House Salad Co.

The eatery is located on Nelson Road, not far from I-210. Written across the shop’s exterior, below its major signage, in white lettering are seven key words: fresh, organic, infused, natural, healthy and gourmet. Walk inside, and its interior meshes with the thematic vocabulary. The white ceilings, soft green lights, clear seats, sleek menu screens and greenery art all represent that this is a place of freshness and health.

Their salads never disappoint. Not only are their salads healthy and fresh, but they’re also flavorful and appetizing. And since this is a salad shop, a vegetarian or vegan has plenty to choose from.

Ordering directly from the menu, the most obvious choice would be the salad appropriately named The Vegan. The major green is kale, and the dish comes mixed with grilled tofu, oranges, radishes, cucumbers, edamame and pumpkin seeds. The recommended dressings are premium oil and vinegar with this salad.

But let’s say you didn’t want to order directly from the menu. You could always create your own salad, still not compromising on taste, diversity and health.

My favorite is a baby spinach and kale mix as the base. Both leafy greens are rich in iron and Vitamin K. Iron plays a vital role in the functioning of red bloods cells, which help transport oxygen around the body. The micronutrient is also essential for energy production and DNA synthesis. Likewise, Vitamin K is highly helpful in maintaining a body’s bone health.

Next come the fixings. Start with fruit. It’s spring, so strawberries are now in season, and you can get them fresher than ever. Then add Mandarin oranges for more sweetness and, of course, Vitamin C.

There are quite a few ways to add protein to your salad creation. For vegans especially, you can mix edamame, chickpeas, grilled tofu and pumpkin seeds together, all of which are non-meat ingredients that are high in protein. For vegetarians, who are normally OK with animal products so long as they’re not meat, you can have two boiled eggs and crumbled feta for your protein, and of course, any of the above vegan ingredients. Avocado, too.

If you’re still hankering for more, you’ll still have a lot to choose from: broccoli, black beans, craisins, apples, beets, olives, peppers and onions (whichever variety), and croutons. All of these ingredients make great additions. Maybe not all at once, but it’s up to the discretion of you the diner on what mixings taste best together, and how much of an energy boost you need.

After a busy workweek, an arduous workout or a wild night out on the town, the workings of modern life can be increasingly enervating. A salad full with all of your essential nutrients at Green House Salad Co. will do the trick to restore your energy and vitality to optimal levels.

Lastly, if you’d like to top your salad off with dressing, Green House Salad Co.  has plenty to choose from in this department. If not going traditional with Ranch or Italian, the shop also has red roasted vinaigrette and honey ginger, which your taste buds will love you for.

Put all (or most) of these ingredients together, and you’ll have a salad that’s sweet, earthy, herbaceous, fresh, healthy and diversely textured. It’s a meal that meat eaters and non-meat eaters can both enjoy.

It must be noted, too, in more than a manner of an aside. Green House Salad Co. serves more than salad.
They have stuffed pitas, frozen lemonade and baked goods, as well. In other words, more diversity.

Give them a visit at 3625 Nelson Road, or order on the Waitr app. Green House Salad Co. is open Monday-Saturday, 10:45 am-8 pm, and on Sunday, 10:45 am-2 pm.

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