An Day Tell You Wit A Straight Face

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An Day Tell You Wit A Straight Face

Have you ever had an elected official tell you day went to Washington, D.C., for a Mardi Gras celebration? An day smile a big broad smile az day tell you about all day did and saw.

What dem elected officials don’t  tell you iz dat you, az a taxpayer, were payin for dar little trip. Me, I went a few years ago and paid for every bit uf de trip, while I sawed Port Board members, legislators an many udders livin it up at taxpayers’ expense.

Now, we have some “hot off de press” news dat Cameron Parish officials went to de Washington event at a cost uf $10,575. Who paid dat amount you ax? De taxpayers uf Cameron Parish.

An while dat brew ha ha gets goin, we continue to read about our Louisiana state police going to Vegas to watch head trooper Mike Edmonson get an award. Total taxpayer tab for dat little trip … nearly $30,000 at dis writin. Now dis is de same Louisiana State Police dat removed Chris Guillory az head uf Troop D. Dis is de same Mike Edmonson who sez we have to wait for de facts. Dis is de same Louisiana State Police dat’s gettin a lotta heat recently from U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, who’s yellin dat stuff haz happened an troopers should pay back de money an be fired. Kennedy pointed out recently dat dis is de same Louisiana State Police dat leans on de Legislature an de U.S. Congress every year for money, an now we’re seein an example uf how day spend it.

An day keep comin back to taxpayers for mo money. Be it de Cameron Police Jury, de Louisiana State Police or De Port uf Lake Charles — whatever public body we may be lookin at … day come up an start cryin for mo money and den we see stuff like dis. Dat, my franz, haz got to stop.

Forum Brings Out Same Song

Wit de election for mayor comin up March 25, we’re startin to see about tree forums a week whar de candidates or dar reps answer questions. Me, I fount it strange dat several who have served in public service before sit dar an tell us how day gonna make everthing  about our city great again.

First uf all, me, I tink Randy Roach haz done a pretty good job in hiz years az mayor. An now we hear guys who’ve had de chance to fix tings an have done very little. Uf great importance to all us all iz de lakefront. An we see Wilfred Carter and Dana Jackson, who were  on de City Council for years; Nic Hunter and Chris Landry, who sit on de Police Jury, dat haz a economic development budget; az well az Marshall Simien, who wuz on de City Council.

Very little haz happened to dat eyesore parkin garage an de old Harrah’s location. Folks, headin east see some pretty depressing sights, an nuttin’s bein done to tackle de beach, parkin garage or Harrah’s property. Will we see anyting move with a new mayor an some new council members?

Mardi Gras Better Dan Ever

For dem folks dat want to enjoy Mardi Gras but don’t want to deal wit de danger in New Awlins an Baton Rouge, we say welcome to Lake Charles. Tanks to local law enforcement, de Lake Area had de biggest an safest Mardi Gras ever.

We’ve heard great tings from de locals too. Dar’s a few comments goin around about dat same darn TV commercial day’ve been playin for five years or mo, an a de parade route in de paper wuz awfully hard to read. Udder dan dat, tanks for great weather an a great Mardi Gras.

Jeff Davis Means Bidness

A development-ready site iz a site dat’s gone trew all de gubment red tape an iz ready for folks to come in and settle down an do bidness. Jeff Davis Parish Economic Development dedicated two sites on Highway 90 near Lacassine that are ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

De two sites total 704 acres, an one uf dem iz de largest in a nine-parish area. Dat’s accordin to Marion Fox, who’s in charge uf economic development in Jeff Davis Parish. My two financial gurus, Slim an Max, point out dat dis iz an excellent move for Jeff Davis Parish. Day say it’s possible we’ll see udder sites develop nearby once money folks see what takes place here. Congrats to Jeff Davis Economic Development  for takin de right steps.

Legislators Have A Lot More To Do

Az you know, our legislators did a pretty good job uf wheelin an dealin so dat we could have a balanced budget trew June. It wuz what de Reagan boys used to call voodoo economics. Cuts to de usuals, an takin $75 million outta de rainy day fund, made dis happen.

But come April we will see a real dogfight when legislators tackle a $400 million dollar deficit for next year.

An taxpayers are wonderin about de 1 cent sales tax our legislature an governor slapped on us last year. Haz anyone ever heard about cuttin expenses?

Port Cameron Will Be Huge!!!

De local media haz given a little attention to Port Cameron — a $1.5 billion deepwater facility dat will service de offshore industry from Houston to New Awlins.

De guy who will be runnn dis 500-acre set-up on de Calcasieu Ship Channel iz a feller who’s been involved in dis kind uf operation before. Ted Falgout haz de title uf executive director.

Now, dis ain’t Falgout’s first rodeo. He wuz in charge uf de Port uf Fouchon before he retired afta 30 years in 2009. Legislators and former governors alike know Ted, an you can bet he will be workin to get what he can for Cameron Parish.

We can almost all tink uf how bad tings wuz in Cameron Parish afta Rita, an now we see dis kinda growth. One can only imagine what Cameron Parish will be like in 10 years.

T.J. Will Be Missed 

We wuz saddened to learn uf de recent death uf former Sulphur Police Chief T.J. Andrus. Current chief Lewis Coats called Andrus a real influence on him becoming a policeman an later chief. Andrus served as chief for more than 20 years. He wuz 80 years old.

Who Needs Money When Day Got Social Media?

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser haz an idea dat won’t cost de state a dime an will help generate revenue for de state. Imagine dat. Louisiana residents can register at and submit pictures on social media with de hashtag ”Only Louisiana.” Now, az we know, folks are really interested in our food an culture. Dis iz a way to get our message out for no money at all.

Westlake Finances Looking Up

When Bob Hardey took over as mayor uf Westlake in November, 2014, he found 875 grand in accounts payable an a debt of $1.6  million dat would be due in April, 2015. Now, dar was some money to take care of some of dis debt, but not nearly enough. Hardey an others went to work on a “cash in, cash out basis.” Day’ve reduced de debt and watch the city finances real close now.

Maybe de state uf Louisiana an some udder public bodies could learn from Westlake. Now, day ain’t out uf de woods yet, but dar gettin dar.

Great Sports From Our Area 

A few years ago, I sat at McMurry Park wit my buddy and watched a lefthander from Lutcher named Jared Poche pitch in de state semi-final. I told my buddy we would some day see him in de majors. My fran looked at me wit a strange look an called me a cooyon.

Dis year, Jared iz a senior at LSU, an haz a no-hitter an a one-hitter to his credit already. Las year, he could have gone to Kansas City an gotten big bucks. We know he’ll end up in de majors … we jus don’t know how far he’ll take de Tigers dis year.

Now, dis year we’re seein a whole lot mo talent from our area an de rest uf de state. McNeese, for example, beat UL-Monroe 32-4. De UL-L Lady Cajuns beat Mississippi Valley State 19-0. High school teams are doing very well, too.

Check with local media for de progress of our local schools — both high school and college. And please support your local teams.

Deep Taughts While Watchin America’s Test Kitchen

10) What happened to Kris, de guy who used to host America’s Test Kitchen?

9) How much money should I bring wit me when I go to Buster’s Crawfish?

8) Why did I trust my nephew wit my car when he sed he wuz a mechanic?

7) Will de LSU and McNeese mens’ basketball coaches stay or be told to walk?

6) How much money will be spunt to fix up de old YMCA?

5) Will T Claude really take me to openin day uf de Astros season?

4) Why do dem ol men at KD’s always know better?

3) Who tol my Dallas nephew dat he could make a crawfish etouffe?

2) Now dat I’ve baught a Cajun accordion, what will I do with it?

1) Why iz my sister’s son as dumb as dirt?

Final Shot

My fran Lefty sez he went to Mardi Gras in New Awlins an left town de follerin Wednesday as a person uf interest.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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