Qualifyin Over An It’s Off To De Races

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Qualifyin Over An It’s Off To De Races

We gonna have a lot uf big elections in our area in March. But none will be mo important dan de race for mayor uf Lake Charles.

Now early on de talk wuz dat de black candidates would get behind one candidate and darefore not split de black vote an give dat black candidate, namely Marshall Simien, a better chance uf winnin.

Well, az day say in Ville Platte, dat dog didn’t hunt. Turns out we have eight candidates wit four very strong black candidates. Accordin to de clerk uf court’s office, de follerin have qualified for de March 25 race: Joe Banks, Wilfred Carter, Eligha Guillory, Nic Hunter, Dana Carl Jackson, Chris Landry, Gary Monbelly and Marshall Semien. Police Juror Tony Guillory had indicated he might run, but decided to stay on de sidelines for dis one.

We understand Nic Hunter, who iz on de Police Jury, haz a huge war chest, an dat iz always important in a race wit dis many folks in it.

Again, de first primary iz March 25, an early votin iz March 11-18. If you want to vote in dat election, you must register by Feb. 22.  If you have any questions about registerin, call de registrar uf voters at 721-4000.

Mo Races An A Few Free Rides

Some folks jus had to qualify to begin servin. Russell Castille will be de new school boad member from District 12 (de Sulphur area). Melinda Hardy got a free ride for District 3 Sulphur City Council. Lake Charles City Councilman John Ieyoub (District D) an Stuart Weatherford (District I) also qualified without opposition.

Udder council members wuzn’t so lucky. In District A, incumbent Mary Morris will be opposed by Ron Richard, Coach Archinard, Gary Chavis and Kecee Lewis. District B Councilwoman Luvertha August will be opposed by Lashawnda Bartie, Nicole Moncrief, “Sarge” Taylor and Fantacee Brown.

District C Council Member Rodney Geyen will face Eric Doshier, Nadine Dunbar Gills, Priscilla Sam and Randy Thibodeaux. District F will see six new faces in de race: Jerry Adams, Michael Cuba, Jr., Rick McClain, Kevin “Dexter” Naylor, Sr., Craig Marks and Jonathan Thibodeaux.

Mark Eckard, de incumbent in District G, will face Khalid Taha.

Other area races include de race for mayor in Vinton, whar incumbent Ken Stinson will be opposed by Chad Ivory Perry an de police chief will be opposed by Laura Oliver and Michael “M. Tyler” Roach. Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon isn’t runnin again, an five have qualified for his seat: Dusty Chaisson, Jimmy Segura, Henry Guinn, Marcus Peterson and Patsy Metcalf Richard.

When Will Chuck Jump Back In?

Some uf de so-called experts in Lake Charles politics wuz predictin former state Rep. an House Speaker Chuck Kleckley wuz gonna jump into dat mayor’s race. Still udders figger he will be aimin for sometin a little higher dan Lake Charles mayor.

Now, Kleckley haz repeated time an time again dat he’s not interested in runnin for any udder office. We tink if he sits it out a little longer, de itch will be mo dan he can scratch.

How Did He Do It?

De win for Congress by Clay Higgins still haz some scratchin dar heads. Higgins, also known az de Cajun John Wayne, beat well-known politician Scott Angelle. Higgins spent $320,000 — or about $4.15 for every vote he received. Wit 30 years uf experience an a war chest uf $1.2 million, Angelle had a cost per vote uf nearly $20.

Higgins did what Trump did … he got on de internet. Angelle didn’t. Angelle barely carried his home parish uf St. Martin, winnin by only 109 votes. Angelle did well in de Lake Charles area, but got boorayed in Lafayette, an area he had planned on winnin. So all in all social media won out, an Clay Higgins iz our congressman. Go figure!!!

Jeff Landry Ain’t Tinkin Very Clearly

It’s no secret dat Attorney General Jeff Landry iz runnin for governor against John Bel Edwards. Now, one would tink dat if Landry wanted to do good in a race like dat, he’d want to do well in New Awlins, de largest city in our state. But it don’t look like Landry haz dat in mind at all.

Jus recently, Landry slammed New Awlins Mayor Mitch Landrieu, an sed de Big Easy wuz mo dangerous dan Chicago. Comments like dat ain’t exactly de way to make votes.

Critics say Landry haz formed an anti-New Awlins crime task force, an haz “failed to coordinate his investigative efforts with the New Orleans Police Department and Louisiana State Police.” Now folks, dem two organizations have a lot uf power trewout de state — especially Mike Edmonson an his state police.

New Awlins Mayor Mitch Landrieu haz a lot uf clout az well. Remember, he wuz lt. governor before he resigned to run for mayor uf New Awlins.

Do We Really Need $300 Million To Fix Financial Problems?

We keep hearing from Gov. John John Edwards dat we need to get $300 million RIGHT NOW or our state will go to hell.

A series uf audit reports released in de las few months show dat Bobby’s budget wuz leakin a whole buncha oil an dat dar are still some leaks in de Edwards budget. Legislative auditor Daryl Purpera pointed out dat de audit of Jindal’s operation showed misspent money, shoddy bookkeeping and lost state-owned property. Purpera haz documented poor financial management and oversight missteps in state agencies led by Jindal administrators.

But dar’s more — like $764,000 in BP money spent on clothing, guns, sponsorships and contracts questioned by auditors.

Now dat’s jus what de auditor found. An you wonder why folks are sayin “hell no” to mo taxes — especially more taxes on our gaz.

An Edwards wants to call a special session to plug dis $300-million gap. Notice, dar’s no mention of cost-cuttin measures or uf de audit reports mentioned above.

We ax what signal dat sends to de hard-workin’ men an women in our state who jus las year wuz were slapped wit an additional penny uf sales tax on every dollar day spend in our state.

Everywhere you look … mo taxes an less services.  An dis special session comin up … you got to bet it cuts health care an education.

College boads uf trustees can’t raise tuition for colleges. But de college shore can, an does, increase fees. Meantime, college students are scramblin to cover tuition gaps wit loans and scholarships. Me, I tink day even have a fertilizer fee out at McNeese … an by means uf dat fee, day have a picture uf a horse.

Seriously folks … half uf what students pay per semester iz fees. Sometin’s gotta give.

Wife Beater Senator Fights To Keep Office

State Sen. Troy Brown from Giezmar pleaded no contest to domestic abuse charges, but sez he plans to stay in de Senate. De 9-1-1 audio haz hiz wife sayin, “he bit me.” Some legislators have called for Brown to step down.

Now, you can expect to read and hear a lot mo about dis in de weeks to come. You can bet we gonna hear a lot about it — an we should.

Developer Stringing City Along

Last December, developer Roger Landry promised de City uf Lake Charles he would start movin on buildin apartments on de old Sears Building site. Den he said he needed until April uf dis year.

Now de truth iz, de city can buy back de property from Landry. We feel de city needs to hold Landry’s feet to de fire. Wit de growth in our area an de need for housin, de city could really sell dat parcel an make good money.

Deep Taughts While Stirrin’ A Homemade Roux

10) How bad are de taxpayers uf dis state gonna get hurt by anudder special session?

9) Who will make de run-off in de Lake Charles mayor’s race?

8) Why does my co-pay on my doctor’s bill never go down?

7) Whatever happened to de Tea Party and Occupy?

6) Will LSU keep its basketball coach?

5) Have you noticed how gaz prices are creepin up?

4) Why do dem motorcycles make so much noise up an down my street?

3) Iz Judy gonna get me some

Avoyelles Parish sweet potatoes to

go wit my gumbo?

2) Why does my neighbor have to cut

grass when I nap?

1) Why does my fran Andy beat me

every time we play golf?

Final Shot

My fran Lefty sez he went to Alexandria for hiz nephew’s graduation. I axed him if de nephew wuz graduatin from Louisiana College or LSU-A. Lefty sez he iz actually spendin six yearz at a two-year community college. Lefty doesn’t exactly come from a family uf rocket scientists.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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