Everyone Has A Favorite

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Everyone Has A Favorite

De election’s pretty close, an we can tell you in our area, politics is still a religion. Bets are bein made, wit liquor bein involved in de better part uf dem.

Now, all de experts are predictin Trump will carry de South, includin de great state uf Louisiana. Max, my broker fran, who iz from Ohio, sez no candidate haz ever won de presidency without de majority from de Buckeye State (Ohio). An once again, pollsters are showin both Ohio an Florida as toss-ups.

De U.S. Senate race has tightened up in de las few weeks, wit Boustany cuttin into de lead uf Treasury Sec. John Kennedy. One ting for shore — Boustany won’t run out of money, an he could very well be leadin by de time de election iz helt on Nov. 8.

How Bout De Congressional Race?

We sawed Scott Angelle at de LesigGator event an he sed every poll had him at anywhere between 44 and 47 percent. Dat’s not enough to win de firs time, but it’s shore makin it difficult for whoever stays wit him.

It’s awfully hard for anyone to win de firs time when dar are dat many in de hunt. But folks like me who’ve seen a few too many races have learnt one ting: expect de unexpected.

I remember many years ago sittin wit my franz in Eunice waitin for de polls to open. De phone rings and our man haz a brief chat wit de caller, who turned out to be a real political heavyweight. He wanted 10 grand befo de polls opened or he would “let de dogs” out on us. We didn’t have de money an’ he let out de dogs and we lost de election by less dan 200 votes.

Den dar wuz de time I wuz helpin an old buddy in a two-parish race election dat had 120 precincts. We went to bed on Saturday leading by 15 votes. On Tuesday, when votes wuz tabulated, we picked up 100. De flip could have been de udder way, an we would have gotten boorayed by 85 votes.

Always expect de unexpected in politics, because I can assure you it usually happens.

Watson Made Tings Happen

All uf Southwest Louisiana wuz saddened by de death uf former Lake Charles Mayor Ed Watson. Although he served only one term, Ed made a lot uf tings happen in de Lake Area. It wuz under his leadership dat de Chennault Development began. Lookin at Chennault today, one’s gotta give credit to Ed an de City Council for havin de vision to make dat happen. Befo bein mayor, Watson had served on de Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, where he served on several important committees.

Mallard Cove A Political Football

We all read a few months ago dat de Chennault boad wanted a second runway an day wuz lookin for a new spot for de Mallard Cove Golf Course. Now we learn dat day have no money for de buildin uf a new golf course, which day promised, an day have no money for buildin de runway. We know dat old formula: no money + no money = no chance.

Me, I say no chance for de city to give up a beautiful golf course dat haz a lot uf play on it for a second runway. Firs of all, iz dar really a need for a second runway? An second, Mayor Roach an de council should have a very clear position: Show us de money.

Drug Traffickin At Alarmin Rate

Like many in our area, we were shocked at de recent reports of Iowa Fire Chief Sandra Miller bein arrested for drugs, includin heroin. Folks, we have addressed dis topic befo in recent issues. But it’s time law enforcement really move on stoppin de flow uf illegal drugs in our area.

Folks like me who have a little age can remember when drugs like heroin wuz sometin you read about in New Awlins an udder big cities … not Iowa, La. KPLC-TV recently reported how de number uf deaths in our state due to heroin wuz just skyrocketin.

It’s time for de State Police an FBI and CPSO to take de steps needed to stop de traffickin uf illegal drugs in our area. Forget what takes place in Texas or New Awlins; let’s stop what’s goin on right here in Southwest Louisiana.

Some Feel Sad For Coach Les

For about a week, everyone in our state — football fans an non-fans alike — wuz talkin about de firin uf LSU football coach Les Miles. It’s kinda hard to feel bad for a guy who gets $12 million. He’ll end up some place else.

In watchin all de developments, I’m reminded of what Bum Phillips sed about coaches. He sed, “Dar are two kinds uf football coaches — dem what have been fired and dem what’s gonna get fired.

We’ll see what happens for coach Ed Orgeron and de rest uf de season. He beats Alabama an he gets a big contract. He loses, an, well, we know what happens.

Anudder Battle Between Gov An AG

We have been reportin durin de las few issues about de war between Attorney General Jeff Landry an Gov. John John Edwards. De latest punch wuz trown when Landry filed suit against Edwards over an executive order by Edwards regardin de LGBT community.

Landry, who iz a tea partier, haz hiz eyes set on runnin for governor against Edwards. But he’s mountin hiz attack way too early and in de wrong way.

Landry haz also attacked some district attorneys for takin’ legal action against de big oil companies dat de DAs say have hurt our Gulf Coast. De battle continues. Me, I would bet on Edwards.

VA Clinic Movin Along

VA official are assuring local vets dat despite weather delays, de Lake Charles facility will be open by next summer. Folks, we know you’ve heard an read a whole lot about dis clinic. But we can’t emphasize how important dis facility iz to local vets who, for now, have to travel to Shreveport an New Awlins, etc., to get de care day need.

Some local vets have worked very hard to make dis happen.  An so haz Congressman Boustany. To say day have gotten de runaround from de VA in Washington would be a gross understatement. But now it looks like it’s gonna happen an will benefit all of SWLA.

Who’s Gonna Be Police Chief?

Someone axed in The Informer recently how de chief of police is selected. My fran Andrew Perzo did a good job of explainin how de chief iz picked in Lake Charles.

It’s already announced dat Chief Don Dixon won’t serve beyond de Randy years, an Randy haz let it be known he ain’t runnin again. Dat’s why you have all dem signs for mayor already.

Dixon haz done a fantastic job an we know hiz shoes will be hard to fill. Needless to say, dar will be some politics involved in pickin a replacement; but, hey, it’s Southwest Louisiana.

Great Football In Our Area

We saw some good MSU football de udder night, an it looks like what we will see in de future will continue to be good. Also, some uf de high school teams should go deep into de play-offs. Barbe, Sulphur, St. Louis, Kinder, Jennings an others should all put up a good battle to make it to de Dome.

We urge you to support your favorite high school team an make it out to de Cowboy games an make shore to wear your blue and gold like me and my fran Max do.

Deep Taughts While Watchin LSU

10. How many will try to be de new police chief?

9. How come T-Claude don’t bring back all my duck calls he borrowed last year?

8. When are day gonna resolve dem payment problems at de LNG site?

7. Why iz tings so quiet at de School Boad?

6. Will Coach Miles go to Southern Cal?

5. When iz Shorty gonna get around to fixin my computer?

4. Can de Saints defense get any worse?

3. Iz my buddy Jack an I goin to Bunkie for sweet potatoes soon?

2. Can I order turtle meat on Amazon prime?

1. Ain’t it great Joe Cironi is back on KAOK?

Final Shot 

I axed my fran Lefty if he wuz gonna go trick or treatin dis year. He sed las year he put de move on his neighbor’s wife, who wuz dressed az a nurse. Dis happened, he sed, after he consumed too much giggle juice. Gee, what a surprise. So he sed dis year he will stay home an lock hiz doors. Lefty haz trouble behavin sometimes.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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