It Wuzn’t Da Same

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It Wuzn’t Da Same

Me an my buddy T-Boy went to de McNeese-UL-L game in Lafayette. Now me, I gotta say dat McNeese made quite a showin in de big parkin lot, an day did de best day could to fill dat big stadium.

We saw a few shovin matches in de tailgate parkin lot, but didn’t see a single punch trown. It wuz jus a lot mo refined, an not like de old days, when de ole McNaspy Stadium on de USL campus wuz packed, an fans an players were threatened with dar lives; an you had players like de late Jim Barton.

Now UL-L is all fancy, wit dat multi-million-dollar stadium an dat multi-million-dollar coach an a schedule uf multi-million-dollar teams starin at him like two barrels uf a shotgun. Maybe it’s jus dat me an T-Boy iz gettin ole, but de game wuz a lot different.

Now, we enjoyed seein a lot uf ole friends from de ‘60s an ‘70s. Boy, day shore have growed old … and come to tink uf it, so have we.

Good Coverage By KPLC

KPLC-TV did a good job uf coverin de game between McNeese an UL-L. Two former McNeese players, Butch Alsandor an Buford Jordan, did a great job. Butch is sports director at a TV station in Houston an Jordan is involved in several bidnesses in New Awlins an Lafayette. Thanks to da station for carrying de game for dem what couldn’t go.

Leaders Emerge In Congressional Race

If you walked down Ryan Street an axed folks who wuz runnin for congress in de upcomin Nov. 8 election, you would get a lot uf “I don’t knows” an a lot uf wrong answers like “Mary Landrieu” an “Charles Boustany.”

Well, dars no doubt most people would recognize de name Scott Angelle. Dat’s because he’s fresh from de governor’s race an iz still gettin de bounce from it.

Now dar’s like seven candidates, but we gotta tell you, Angelle iz runnin like a race horse. He told us at de LegisGator helt a few weeks ago dat he wuz pollin at 47 percent.

It’s hard to win de first go-round wit dat many runnin, especially when you have a candidate who pledges to spend a million dollars uf hiz own money. Dat man iz Greg Ellis. He’s a retired military guy an West Point grad — an he’s pullin dat West Point string like da gov did. Ellis is all ova de TV an will be until election day.

Not Much Movement In Senate Race

Treasury Sec. John Kennedy iz just one uf 25 runnin in a race dat includes two doctor congressmen an a former member of the KKK. All de politicos are waiting to see who stays wit  Kennedy; an who will stay; an who will support de second-place finisher. Remember Vitter an how some Republicans jumped ship an supported John John? Ain’t Louisiana politics great?

John John Goes To Washington

Speakin uf de original West Point candidate, John John Edwards, he wuz very impressive speakin before a congressional committee axin for $2 billion  to clean up Baton Rouge an de surroundin  area. He did a much better job dan our three previous governors would have done in layin it out for our congressmen to consider. Yes, it made us proud uf our governor.

Now Max, my broker friend, went to a Republican rally a few weeks ago an saw several uf de candidates, includin de two doctors and Bob Maness, de Tea Party guy. Max an I agreed Maness made de best presentation.

Now we all know dat makin a good presentation an gettin de vote iz two different tings. He ran well in de governor’s race an iz promisin he’s gonna win dis time. An if he makes de run-off, he may very well win. Nov. 8, same az presidential election day, iz election day.

Stop It, Will You?

Franz uf mine who have line phones are gettin tons uf calls axin for votes on election day. Me, I got a cell phone, so I get tons uf emails from  Foster Nash who’s runnin for de U.S. Senate an haz de support uf John John. De Democratic and Republican Parties — both state an national — are axin for money, an John John himself iz axin for money to keep hiz battle goin.

In addition, folks in Nevada are axin for money from me to keep control uf de Senate. My computer iz filled with pop-ups from folks I’ve never heard uf before … An de election isn’t until Nov. 8!

De TV iz loaded wit commercials where one candidate iz attackin de udder. Took my TV to de repair shop. Shorty sed it wuz clogged wit too much smut from politicians. Stop it!!! I may jus get my Buddy’s camp until I get an all-clear dat de election iz over. We know de candidates want our vote, but dis iz really jus too much.

Salary Increase Upsets Some

De fact dat de City Council uf Lake Charles will get a pay raise in July when de new mayor takes office haz some residents squawkin. Some say day should put dat money on drainage.  Udders say police need it mo.

Me, I say, critics should look at jus exactly how many hours City Council members work for dat $1,000 a month day get now. If you add up all de hours for tings like phone calls and visits with clients, committee meetings, pre-meeting gatherings, events in districts an regular city-wide events, I bet you day make about the same az de guy at McDonald’s. In fact, I have no problem wit legislators or congressmen makin mo dan day do. Not only do day work long, hard hours, but day also do lots uf travelin.

Now, before de phone rings off de hook … yes, we need mo dollars for drainage an day should work wit de Police Jury to make dat happen. An both bodies should work wit de state so dat dar on de same page.

Murder On De Bayou

Investigator reporter Ethan Brown uf New Awlins haz written a book about de Jeff Davis 8, which iz how lots uf folks refer to de eight young womens who were found murdered and dar bodies left in rural areas in Jeff Davis Parish.

You notice de killings have stopped for now. Could it be de killer himself haz been killed? Could it be he haz moved to anudder section uf de country; or could it be dat he (or she) iz in jail for anudder crime? Dese are de same questions law enforcement folks axed in de Uni-Bomber an Hillside killings. All we know, thank God, iz dat de killings have stopped for now.

New Quarterback Makes Difference  … For Now

If you went to de UL-L-McNeese game an recorded de LSU game as I did, you saw a tale uf two halves. De new quarterback made de LSU faithful happy in de second half. Danny Etling pleased de crowd with hiz fancy passin an great runnin plays. What is sad iz dat starter Leonard Harris wuz tryin so hard an getting nuttin. Coach Les iz gonna have some hard decisions to make … decisions dat may affect his job. He’s got some tough games comin up, an a record uf 6-4 ain’t gonna cut it this year. So, while de quarterback iz under de gun, so is Les Miles.

Oil Startin To Move Up For De Holidays

We noticed dat over de last few days, de price uf oil wuz movin up az de holidays wuz movin closer. For now, we paying around $2 for regular unleaded. Wanna bet your bottom dollar we will see much higher gaz prices dan dat for de holidays?

Deep Taughts While Watchin Sunday Night Football

10) Can dar be worse teams dan de Rams an 49ers?

9) T-Claude promised me some teal and dove from dis year’s hunts. Where are day?

8) Which one uf my “franz” will take me white perch fishin’ at Toledo Bend?

7) Will Hillary Clinton visit Louisiana before de election?

6) Why does my truck cost mo dan my mom an dad’s first house did?

5) I’m lookin for a white English Bulldog. Did I hear dat guy on de phone right         when he said $5,000?

4) What kinda changes will de Astros make at de end uf de season so day can

win next year?

3) We got some great high school football teams around here. How many will make the playoffs?

2) Why does T-Claude demand gaz money up-front when we go on a football or baseball trip?

1) Sedonia ain’t talkin to me. What iz she mad about now?

Final Shot

I axed my fran Lefty how hiz UL-L-McNeese trip wuz. He sed he got so mad he didn’t even want to drink a beer. Now dat’s some serious stuff coming from Lefty. Dat’s a true McNeese fan if dar ever wuz one.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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