When Will It Stop?

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When Will It Stop?

Like most Louisianans, we wuz shocked at de shootin an murder uf Baton Rouge police officers recently. At de time uf dis writin, tree officers has died, anudder iz in serious condition an two udders have minor injuries. Much information still hasn’t been released to de media. What we can tell you iz dat de press conference helt by state, local an federal law enforcement on de afternoon uf de shootin shows de unity uf de brotherhood uf officers. Now, we often hear dat city police don’t get along wit sheriff’s office folks an sheriff’s office folks don’t care for state police an state police don’t care for FBI guys. Anyone who sawed dat press conference Sunday afternoon will tink udderwise. It wuz claimed dat Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden had not done enough follerin de shootin uf Alton Sterling. What else de critics want him to do, we don’t know. But we can tell you dis criticism came from dem out-uf-town protesters who came to Baton Rouge to cause trouble, and cause trouble they did. We were told day are de same protestors who marched in udder cities earlier dis year. Day wanted to shut down Interstate 12 in Baton Rouge. Head uf state police Mike Edmundson would have none uf dat. An dat’s when dem “professional” demonstrators wuz arrested. Holden spoke real well at de press conference. He loves his city an he loves his police force. De call for hiz resignation had to come from dem who do not know him or don’t care. All we gotta say iz dat diz shootin uf policemen got Baton Rouge an Louisiana de kind uf publicity we can do without. Let us pray for peace an dat dis shootin uf law enforcement people ends soon.

Looks Like A Man Camp. Smells Like A Man Camp.

Anudder group iz tryin to get a mobile home park at de site uf what wuz Pine Shadows Golf Course. De proposal calls for 987 mobile homes … you read dat right — 987. Now if dat don’t sound like a man camp, I don’t know what does. Dat many mobile home in dat small a space leaves no room for much uf anyting else. Folks across from de former golf course on Goodman Road have had meetings opposin dis site. First uf all, if dar’s a fire in de park, de only way out iz by headin south on Goodman Road. You turn left an you have a dead end. So safety for de mobile park residents should be an issue. Next, let’s consider de safety uf de residents uf de subdivision dat’s dar already. Dis mobile home park would be an accident waitin to happen, an we can assure you it will. It’s not dat folks don’t want growth an progress, but let’s call dis proposal what it iz: a man camp in de middle uf a residential section dat haz poor traffic flow already.

Dog Park Iz A Hit

When a dog park wuz first proposed for de city uf Lake Charles, I didn’t tink it wuz a good idea. I saw problems dat would make it a less dan desirable use uf space. Well now dat we have seen how it iz operated, I have had a change uf mind. For beginners, large and small dogs are separated. An dar are a bunch uf rules dat mus be followed by all who bring dar dogs to de park. Az construction uf more residential properties happens in de downtown area, dar will be a need for dis park.

Qualifyin’ Going On

We gonna have elections diz fall — on Nov. 8, to be exact — and qualifyin iz now on. Probably de hottest race will be for de 3rd District Congressman. Dat seat iz helt by Charles Boustany, an we expect to have a buncha folks in dat race before qualifyin iz over. Dar will also be races for Public Service Commissioner, and State Supreme Court az well az a whole buncha taxes, etc. We will have a complete breakdown in our next issue. Folks, we urge you to register to vote now if you aren’t registered in Calcasieu Parish. An if you don’t vote, shame on you.

Lotta Politicin Goin On

In recent articles, we have told you about de brew ha ha between Attorney General Jeff Landry an Gov. John John. Now it appears Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser haz entered de game uf Make Me Mr. Louisiana Republican. Both Landry and Nungesser are Republicans, az iz John Kennedy, who is Treasury Secretary an a candidate for U.S. senator. Now, Kennedy didn’t make any brownie points when he spoke to a Better Bidness Bureau group recently an sed de Legislature iz split about 50/50 between Democrats an Republicans. It’s no secret dat all three uf dem guys wants to be governor an are probably countin on Gov. John John to be a one-termer dat would open de door for dem to make de jump. It wouldn’t be surprisin if Kennedy pulled out uf de Senate race an start campaignin for governor. Ain’t politics in our state great?

Fayard: Voters Ready For Change

U.S. Senate candidate Caroline Fayard visited our area recently. Fayard, who haz given hundreds uf thousands uf dollars to candidates over de years, haz turned de table now an iz axin for money for her Democratic campaign. She told a local group dat voters wuz ready for a change. She’s got dat right. On de Republican side, de big-time Republican leaders don’t want Trump; day want bidness az usual. Well, you saw what dat got dem four years ago. An on de Democratic side, look at Bernie, who started off at three percent an ended up carryin’ a whole buncha states an gettin’ Hillary to change some campaign promises. In our state, Vitter started wit a big lead in de polls an got beat by John John. But de question we have, an so many udders do, iz: Hillary an Trump — iz dat de best we got? So, Caroline iz right. Voters want a change. But de question iz, do day want de old line Republicans an Democrats, or do day want de same party wit new blood?

Burn Us Twice, Shame On Us

De filmmaker tax in our state wuz cut by 90 percent, an dat caused film makers to haul outta dis state quicker dan you can say “Da Big Easy” or CSI New Orleans. Now, John John an dem spoon bills in de Legislature have realized day went overboard wit de cuts. Now da gov sez day are lookin for a long-term plan for de film industry. Da gov better realize who he’s dealin wit. Dem movie boys are from Southern California — not southern Vermillion Parish.

Give De Easter Rabbit Hiz Due

Gov. John John haz de habit uf sayin dar ain’t no Easter Rabbit. Well, he keeps tryin to get mo money for highways when de gaz tax money designed for roads iz bein spent on udder tings. An now he wants to raise de gaz tax some mo. Does he take us for a buncha cooyons? He can have all de commissions he wants. Taxpayers ain’t gonna get bit twice.

Deep Thoughts While Watchin De Price Iz Right

10. How could my tomatoes turn to nuttin so quick?

9. Iz T-Claude gonna qualify to run for U.S. Congress?

8. Iz McNeese gonna be ready for UL-L an dar new quarterback?

7. Will my coon tic hound be allowed at Bark Du Lac dog park?

6. Snookie borrowed my castin rod an tackle box … He returns de rod but no tackle box … What gives?

5. Did lightnin fry my cable or did my dog chew it?

4. When iz my wife Sedonia gonna quit naggin at me?

3. Why am I missin three shotguns?

2. Why are watermelons so expensive?

1. How can my Yankee brudda-in-law have never heard uf shrimp an grits?

Final Shot

I axed my fran Lefty what he taught about de Turkey situation. He sed he shot two uf dem in de Spring in West Texas. An az for de udder kind, he tries to have four or five drinks every night. Dat’s what I like about Lefty … he’s always up on international events. ‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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