Mary Werner Iz In

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Mary Werner Iz In

In addition to races for U.S. senator and Congress, we’ll have anudder interestin race in de fall. Mary Werner, local bidnesswoman, haz announced she iz runnin for Public Service Commissioner from District 4. Now District 4 iz basically rural western Louisiana, except for Shreveport. It goes from Cameron Parish up to Many and across to Avoyelles an down to Acadia Parish. It doesn’t include Lafayette Parish. De current commissioner iz Clyde Holloway from Forest Hill. Now Clyde haz had a few rumbles in politics, including servin az a congressman. Dat he’s runnin again iz still a question, az hiz health isn’t very good an he’s gettin up in age. Mary will be a very serious opponent, az she iz de daughter uf Buddy an Laura Leach. An dat means she’ll have all de money she’ll need to run de race. She had been rumored to be a candidate in previous races, but dis iz de firs time she will actually run. Watch dis one, folks. Lots uf politicians who have had de support uf de Leach family before will be worked on to support Mary with endorsements an cash. Ain’t political paybacks wonderful?

Anudder One

In We sawed Marshall Simien at a gadderin de udder night an he sez he’s in de race for Lake Charles mayor. Dat makes four who’ve made it official. We would guess anudder six will be in de race before qualifyin comes around in January. De job uf fillin Mayor Randy’s shoes will be a hard one. If you look at de city when Randy took over an you look at it now, all you can say iz “wow!” Simien haz served az a City Council member, an haz been active in hiz community for a long time. Now we have herd rumors uf udders who are tinkin about it, an udders who are sendin out feelers. Raisin de money needed to run a strong campaign will, of course, be de issue for mos uf dem what iz “tinkin” about runnin.

Legislative Wrap-Up

By an large, our area came out pretty good durin de legislative marathon dat iz finally over. Basically, de Legislature did nuttin to cut expenses or increase revenue. It became divided, wit Republicans balkin at any new taxes, but instead tryin to cut expenses, while Democrats pointed de finger at bidnesses for not payin dar fair share, but not havin de votes to increase de amount bidnesses pay. Like a former legislator tol me … it’s not a revenue problem; it’s a spendin problem. An until our Legislators an governor see dat, we gonna continue to see fights dat will end in a draw like de las three legislative sessions did.

Quit Bashin De Cops

Frontline on LPB carried a story de udder night about how de Justice Department wuz runnin de police department in Camden, N.J. Dis show made de cops look like de criminals. Dis brought to mind de number uf police officers in our state dat have been killed in jus de las few months. In our area, we read almos daily uf police officers chasin down individuals who are known to have firearms. Dar riskin dar lives to catch criminals. Jus a coupla weeks ago, two deputies in Monroe wuz shot at while tryin to serve a warrant. In New Awlins, a young deputy wuz hit by a drunk driver while writin a speedin ticket an died a few days later in a local hospital. She had three children. Back to dis Frontline story … de mayor, who wuz a black activist in de ‘70s, had a radder strong anti-cop attitude until he started diggin into what wuz goin on. He fired a whole bunch uf what we in Louisiana would call deadheads, an iz now mo hands-on about what happens on de streets uf Camden. De Dept. uf Justice also fount out dat de police officers dar have wives an families an all day want to do iz make de area safer for everyone.

Public Defenders Ax For Money Again

We sawed on TV recently where de local public defenders’ office iz in need uf a lot mo money to run its office, jus like are mos uf dem offices across our state. Local director Harry Fontenot blames de DA’s office for part uf hiz shortage. Meanwhile, Calcasieu Parish DA John DeRosier sez he’s actually payin money to de PDO dat he’s not required to give. What we do know iz dat dar are mo folks who can’t afford a lawyer an need one in dis parish. Az we have sed before, de folks dat use de system should pay for de system. In udder words, increase de fines for criminal acts an make shore dem fines are paid an put a fair share uf dat money in de public defenders’ fund. Some say day can’t pay. We say given de choice uf 30 days in an un-airconditioned jail or a fine uf $1,000, we can assure you de convicted person will come up wit de grand.

Political Emails Galore

If you have a computer an de internet, you no doubt get a buncha political messages every day. Me, I’ve gotten “personal” emails from Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Never met any uf dem folks uf course, but dar iz one common tread in all dar emails, an dat iz they want money. I also get messages from folks I have met, dat being Gov. John John an James Carville. Now Carville does nuttin but bash de Republicans, but dat’s all he’s ever done. John John, durin de legislative session, blamed de legislators (both Democrats an Republicans) for not givin him what he wanted. Now dat de session’s over, he’s busy sendin out emails tellin folks to vote for Foster Campbell for de U.S. Senate. Stickin your nose in udder peoples politics iz a no no in Louisiana. Maybe someone should tell John John dat.


For years, veterans have had to travel great distances to get de medical attention day need and deserve. That will soon change. After years uf Veterans Administration red tape an run-around, work haz finally begun on a VA clinic in Lake Charles. A buncha politicians an VA folks gaddered recently at de clinic site at 3601 Gerstner Memorial Dr. for de groundbreakin ceremony. De 24,000-square-foot clinic will make it possible for veterans to get de care day need right here in Lake Charles. Construction should be complete by de summer uf 2017. Thanks should go out to local veterans who kept pushin congressmen and senators and local officials to push de VA to make dis happen.

Good News For MSU Softball

De McNeese Softball program got some good news recently when Baylee Corbello announced she wuz transferrin to McNeese. For dose uf you who don’t know, Baylee is a world-class softball pitcher who won three state championships at Sam Houston an was a star at LSU. We know Baylee will have great success at MSU. Speakin uf McNeese, it’s time to buy dose tickets for MSU Football. Kick-off will be here before you know it. And while we’re at it, let’s start wearin our blue and gold on Fridays.

Where Are De La. Berries?

All de major grocery stores in our area sell California strawberries only. Although dar not grown in our area, we know dat de Hammond area iz famous for berries. De question iz, why don’t we have dem at Kroger, Albertson’s and Market Basket? I spoke to Ag Commissioner Mike Strain about dis problem a few monts ago. He sed de acreage uf strawberries in our state las year had dropped to 400. Now if you’ve ever had Louisiana strawberries, you know day are much mo better dan any uf dem California berries. It’s too bad Louisiana growers can’t make enough profit to increase de acreage.

Deep Taughts While Watchin’ American Greed

10) Will McNeese’s football team make de playoffs dis year?

9) When will my A&M graduate cousin quit braggin about de Aggies?

8) Tomatoes at de road stands are $3.70 a pound. Would you pay $5? I would.

7) When will Andy take me to Toledo Bend to do some white perch fishin?

6) Sedonia’s brudda promised me some shrimp. Where are day?

5) How many LSU an Southern students will enroll in de marijuana classes dis fall?

4) Are day gonna move close to legalizing marijuana use for everyone in de next legislative session?

3) Why does Max get mad at me when I talk about lawmakers bringin home de bacon?

2) How do all dem crooks on American Greed come up wit all dem schemes?

1) Down de road, will we see Randy Roach or Chuck Kleckley run for state office?

Final Shot

Lefty baught a used car from hiz brudda-in-law in Alexandria. Hiz brudda-in-law sed de car had been owned by a little ole lady who only drove it to church. Two months after, de transmission went out. A month afa dat, de engine went out. Needless to say, Lefty wanted revenge an hiz money back. He made me drive him to Alexandria; walked into hiz brudda-in-law’s shop; grabbed him by de throat; an demanded hiz money back. Lefty sed, “A little ole lady, hahn? Guess it wuz de little ole lady from Pasadena.” Lefty got hiz money back an hiz brudda-in-law iz now out uf de car bidness. De Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission saw to dat. ‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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