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Sometimes the difference between a very forgettable fishing trip and a trip of a lifetime is one cast. There’s nothing like perseverance when one is in pursuit of success. Patience is a great virtue.

One Cast = One Hawg for Mitchell Smith

One Cast = One Hawg for Mitchell Smith

It was Easter weekend. With the patience of Job, Mitchell Smith was in search of a hawg bass. But the going was tough with the fish experiencing an anglerís worst nightmare: a severe case of lockjaw had all but shut down the bite.

But with all the exuberance of a 16-year-old, Mitchell was steady chunking. He literally had the water frothing as he worked it and covered water.

At the end of the day, with no fish and a sore arm, Mitchell finally set the hook hard, and this trip was about to be turned around. It was payback time!

This was exactly why he had kept at it so doggedly, as the fish stripped drag. At the end of the day, Mitchell couldn’t wipe that smile off, after he boated his best bass ever, at 9 pounds, 12 ounces. It was his only bass of the day. But it sure made all those many casts worth the effort.

This is what spring fishing is all about. Big sow bass in skinny water offer the chance for the giant fish of a lifetime. Just keep on chunking and winding as you may be just one cast away.

If you, like many, are turned on by a gobbler answering your hen with a distress call, this is your prime time. Gus Stacy and Charles Gaspard hooked up for their annual pilgrimage to Uvalde, Texas, home of the majestic Rio Grande turkeys.

Cammie Benoit and Jayden Nunez after a successful 2014 hunt!

Cammie Benoit and Jayden Nunez after a successful 2014 hunt!

There was no shortage of birds ready to dance. Both hunters had the luxury of waiting for mature gobblers to respond. It was a super trip, with both hunters scoring trophy birds.

A local athlete has made it to the bigs. On opening day, Jace Peterson was the starting second baseman for the Atlanta Braves. What an accomplishment!

Jace prepped at Hamilton Christian and went on to post a super career at McNeese. He’s a versatile player with great athletic skills. He has explosive power at the plate, with the speed to steal second base. He has the natural abilities and the want-to to get it done.

He’s living the dream most former players only envision. He’s playing a game he loves, and even getting paid to do it. Making it in pro sports is a long shot at best, but through hard work and development, Jace is there.

Local sports fans are proud to have him represent us, and will be checking the box scores in the paper on a regular basis. Go Braves!

In the photo corner is Cammie Benoit and her “guide” seven-year-old Jayden Nunez. They had just passed a great time on a first split hunt last year near Creole. Both fired simultaneously on a prized greenhead mallard that both claimed. Like the young gentleman he is, Jayden honored the “ladies first” rule and relented. Please note what the youngster is looking at.

Cammie did the right and honorable thing, and will mount their bird in remembrance of a great trip.