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A few weeks ago, we told you we heard from Henry Mancuso about charter schools in our parish and what day hoped to accomplish in de way uf educatin’ our young-uns. Well, recently de same organization dat hosted Mancuso hosted Karl Bruchhaus, de new superintendent uf Calcasieu Parish Schools.

How would you like to tackle dese numbers: 32,500 students, 4,900 employees — 2,600 of which are teachers — 34 elementary schools, 11 high schools, 2 alternative schools, 2 technical schools and de Lake Charles Boston Academy?

Bruchhaus pointed out dat de parish system serves 4.3 million meals a year. Its buses travel 4.9 million miles durin’ de school year. Notin’ dat he wuz jus’ appointed, Bruchhaus reminded de crowd dar wuz a new director uf academics, a new director uf transportation an’ a new director uf high school curriculum. Add to dat de fact dat 10 uf de 15 school boad members are new, and you can see dat de challenges are many for Bruchhaus an’ our public school system.

Common Core wuz explained az it stood dat day; he explained how parents call him every day wit’ questions and concerns. He told uf one lady who said she didn’t like his answers an’ wuz gonna call da governor. Bruchhaus sed he asked her to ax Jindal how he stands on Common Core today — makin’ reference to Jindal’s flip-floppin’ on de issue.


Grades For Schools

Tied to dis Common Core debate iz de question uf issuin’ letter grades for schools. Some uf de candidates for governor oppose it, an’ so do many educators an’ non-educators.

De grade system wuz started five years ago by state legislators who, in de opinion uf many, have earned D an’ F grades demselves for de way tings are handled in Baton Rouge.

De grade system for schools, in de opinion uf many, serves no useful purpose except givin’ politicians sometin’ to grandstand about.

Now de gradin’ system haz been revamped by BESE. Proponents uf de measure say it’s a way uf improvin’ teacher performance, an’ therefore makin’ kids smarter.

Now, we are shore Jindal appointees like de system, since Jindal supported it when it wuz voted on. Let a few polls show dat folks in de state don’t like de grade system, an’ I can bet you dollars to donuts Jindal will change hiz mind on dat issue too. De politics uf education in our state just ain’t very funny sometimes.


Thugs, Not Gangs, Being Watched

De news media reported dat dar have been tons uf reports lately about groups uf young men an’ women attackin’ folks and stealin’ money an’ stuff from people in our area. Police Chief Don Dixon declined to call dem gang members, but instead called dem punks and thugs. In many cases, de parents uf de hoodlums had no idea dar kids wuz involved in such criminal activities.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso wuz on TV urgin’ parents to monitor de activities uf dar children. He pointed out dat it’s a pattern uf dope, crime an’ den hard time. He went on to say dat once dese kids are hooked on dope, de stealin’ starts to get money to pay for dope.

Dixon sez local parish and state law enforcement knows who de trouble makers are and are watchin’ dem carefully. Now, we have to admit dat compared to udder areas uf our state, we are doin’ much better at controllin’ teen crime. We tip our hats to city, parish and state law enforcement folks for what day are doin’ to keep it from gettin’ worse.


Air Show Remarks Anger Some

In de las’ issue, I questioned why organizers were tryin’ an air show again dis year. Well, de letters and emails told me dat lots uf folks disagreed wit’ what I sed.

Air shows are lots uf fun for folks uf all ages, an’ dis year will be no different. De only question iz, will it make money? We hope day do.

But keep in mind dar are jus’ lotsa tings goin’ on every weekend in our area an’ surroundin’ areas dat keep folks from attendin’ an event like an air show. I regret havin’ offended folks who work so hard to make de event possible, an’ I wish dem well.


Bobby Crawfishin’

De Jindal pledge uf no new taxes haz fallen, jus’ like hiz love for Common Core. An’ now dat he got boorayed bigtime at de CPAC conference, he may devote mo time to de issues uf our state.

He recently presented his plan for gettin’ rid uf de $1.6 billion shortfall dat will face legislators when day meet in April. Tax credits an’ doin’ away wit’ some wuz de big surprise in hiz plan; dat is — de amount uf money bidnesses an’ industry are released from payin’ for doin bidness in our state. Two dat will be hit hard if lawmakers approve hiz plan are de oil an’ film industry. De oil an’ gas industry iz still de mos’ powerful lobby in Baton Rouge. You can bet day gonna let dar feelins be known durin’ de session.

De film industry iz flockin’ to our state because uf de tax break. But on further review, az day say in football, gubment officials are claimin’ filmmakers are cookin’ de books — sometin’ politicians know about.

Now dar are udder parts to dis Jindal plan, like increasin’ spendin’  for K-12 education, etc.

Needless to say, dar will be fireworks at de session. Jindal iz out in January, so legislators don’t have to fear being punished for not going along wit’ him. Also, many are term-limited, so day could care less what Jindal says. Ain’t politics in our state wonderful?


Election Time

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell wuz in town recently, visitin’ an’ talkin’ to civic groups. He’s expected to have a tough race from former congressman Jeff Landry. You may recall Landry wuz forced to run against Rep. Charles Boustany because uf reapportionment, and got boorayed pretty good.

In addition, de race for governor iz startin’ to show signs uf life. Scott Angelle, former member uf de Public Service Commission, iz runnin’ TV spots where he talks French. Bet he ain’t runnin’ dem in north Louisiana.

Two udder Republicans are runnin’: U.S. Sen. David Vitter an’ Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne. John Bel Edwards iz de only Democrat in de race. Vitter leads de polls an’ haz de biggest war chest. Lots uf folks tink if Dardenne could raise de money, he could give Vitter a good race an’ might even win.

Locally, we don’t see any present officials even havin’ any opposition.


De Sky Ain’t Fallin’

If you listen to de news media, day gonna tell you de state iz broke because uf de fallin’ price uf oil. Not so, sez Dr. Lauren Scott, de much-respected professor from LSU. An’ he haz de numbers to prove it. Mos’ uf de inland drillin’ iz in de Tuscaloosa Trend area North of Baton Rouge, and dat only represents a few wells.

An’ offshore drillin ain’t about to stop a 10-year plan for drillin’ because uf a temporary drop in prices.

Scott went on to point to de gas projects dat have been announced — mostly in de Southwest Louisiana area. He sez it used to be $5 billion in announced projects would have state officials jumpin’. Now we’re lookin’ at $120 billion statewide.

It wuz also pointed out dat oil an’ gas revenue only makes out 15 percent uf de state’s budget.

Now, what dem big oil companies an’ de media fail to tell you iz dat since de price uf gaz haz gone down, consumer spendin’ haz gone up, an’ dat iz generatin’ mo sales tax. For example, sales tax collections in our parish are up nearly 14 percent over de las’ seven months accordin’ to de parish School Boad. In udder words, de state an’ local gubment iz still gettin’ money … it’s jus’ comin’ from a different ceegar box.


Deep Taugts While Watchin’ McNeese Booray UTSA

10) Iz Jindal gonna spend mo time in de state now dat he’s pretty much out uf de presidential race?

9) Ain’t it great to have Marsh Madness in our area again dis year?

8) Can de Cowboys baseball team keep up dar winnin’ ways?

7) Is it T Claude or Snooky who stole my crab traps?

6) Jus’ how high will beef prices go?

5) What did I do dis time to get Sedonia mad at me?

4) Does dat cold weather up north mean more Yankees are gonna move here?

3) How come whenever T Claude borrows my truck it comes back wit’ de gaz tank empty?

2) Why does everyone have to tell me how to boil crawfish?

1) Can de Astros play .500 ball dis year?


Final Shot

Lefty sez he saw where Apple has a cap value uf $870 billion. He sez Jindal should pass an apple tax an’ dat would solve de state’s money problems. Me, I tink Lefty needs a course in finances.

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