Rocke Fournet Thursday, January 22, 2015 0

Wow, it is the year 2015, and all is not well. The greatest country in the world has been experiencing some turbulent times lately.

Confrontations between officers of the law and criminals are nothing new, but the attitudes of those they serve to protect are changing. It’s a very basic dynamic, and common sense is key here.


Alan Heisser and Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon organized the Cops and Jocks Golf Tournament. Proceeds went to families of police officers.

Alan Heisser and Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon organized the Cops and Jocks Golf Tournament. Proceeds went to families of police officers.

Criminal activity ironically spikes during the holidays, and the curve seems to be increasing. Desperate people commit senseless crimes against God-fearing citizens who deserve better. The focus seems to have shifted at times from the good guys to the bad guys. Dedicated law enforcement officers doing their level best to keep the peace have been criticized and chastised for performing their jobs. They do a job most of us don’t want to do, but where would we be without law and order?

Our civilized society is indebted to and should be grateful for the service law enforcement provides. It’s hard to imagine how fast we would slip into a state of complete anarchy without them. It might resemble the days of the Wild West, when whoever could shoot the best ruled.

When peaceful demonstrations morph into looting, flagrant lawlessness and violent criminal activities, the cause is lost. Then, it becomes just a convenient excuse to tread on any and everyone’s rights as Americans. There are plenty of thugs around just looking for a reason to commit crimes and attempt to cover their tracks.

Lake Charles own police department apprehended and arrested a career criminal recently. This guy was a ticking time bomb, and on a terribly desperate crime spree, assaulting multiple innocents. The entire city experienced a great sigh of relief when he was quickly apprehended and put behind bars.

Our values seem to have flipped and are sliding upside down. Some are more concerned with upholding the rights and civil liberties of the law breakers. It’s the arresting officers who deserve consideration for performing a very dangerous job and creating a safe environment for us to live in.

Cops in these parts are certainly underpaid, but not under-appreciated.  Local law-abiding citizens are forever grateful for their efforts to maintain a reasonably safe place to raise a family.

The young officer who apprehended the latest local crook should be rewarded handsomely. He risked life and limb to remove the criminal from the streets. “Hero” is not a word to be used lightly, but this arresting officer certainly qualifies.

It’s easy to take law enforcement for granted. But, when you’re in need of emergency help and in harm’s way, their duty and diligence cannot be appreciated enough.

The great majority of folks are peaceful, non-violent, and hardworking citizens trying to carve out a piece they earned. But on the other hand, a few bad apples can spoil the batch. It’s the repeat offenders who commit multiple crimes that upset the balance. They belong behind bars and deserve their station in life.

Our hats are off to the officers who provide for our families’ safety. Happy New Year, and support our law enforcement officers. God bless America!