Politics Iz Far From Ova

Pierre Sez Thursday, December 18, 2014 0
Politics Iz Far From Ova

If you tink we are trew wit’ politics for a while, tink again. In 2015, we will have de race for everyting from governor on down to dog catcher.

Yes, we had races for U.S. senator, Congress and school boad dis year. But next year, we gonna see races for governor and all de udder state officials az well as sheriff, clerk uf court, assessor an’ all 15 police jurors.

Members uf de Legislature will also be runnin’, wit’ several facin’ term limits.

Now, considerin’ de candidates for U.S. Senate started putted dar ads on TV some 18 monts befo de election, we should see David Vitter on de tube shortly afta de first uf de year, or maybe even durin’ de las’ few weeks uf dis month.

Polls show Vitter leadin’ right now, wit’ Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, Treasury Secretary John (maybe) Kennedy and udders showin’ some numbers.

Now we say “maybe” Kennedy because he always sez he’s tinkin’ uf runnin’ for sometin’ but never does. All he ever does iz tour de state an’ criticize whoevah iz in office an’ members uf de Legislature.

By de way, we should see some real interestin’ races for state representative an’ state senator because uf term limits.


Area Legislators Forced Out

Our area has had de benefit uf havin’ state Rep. Chuck Kleckley serve az de speaker uf de house for de las’ few years. Needless to say, dat haz helped our area get some funding.

But az uf next year, Kleckley and Brett Geymann iz gonna be out az a result uf term limits. Steven Dwight iz gonna run for Geymann’s seat, an’ me, I would put my money on him right now.

We have heard uf several names to  replace Chuck az de state rep from de south side uf Lake Charles. Day include Mark Abraham and Keith DeSonnier.

An’ among folks in Baton Rouge, dar iz a buzz dat Kleckley will run for a statewide office. Now folks, when you start runnin’ for statewide office, you are talkin’ about lots uf money, and dat means lots uf fundraisers. We haven’t seen dat happenin’ yet for Chuck.

It should be noted dat now iz de time for fundraisin’. De U.S. Senate race haz grabbed lots uf money from both parties. An’ dat haz probably delayed fundraisin’ for state offices. We know Jay Dardenne haz been raisin’ money wit’ de help uf hiz friends trew de telephone, an’ he better do dat, because Vitter haz a bottomless pit uf money.

Once again, we see two Republicans facin’ each udder for governor. My, how politics have changed in our great state.


Study Tells Us What’s To Come

Dar’s lots uf buzz around our area about a recently completed study by a Baton Rouge firm dat shows de growth we can expect in de next five years.  Dar’s big numbers for employment, school children, recreation, etc.

De Go Team haz been formed to work on dis, and now day are lookin’ for someone to spearhead de gubment services dat will be needed to handle dis growth.

Now me, I’m old enough to have seen lots uf studies, and dis one certainly haz lots uf information.


We Can All Be Proud Of Nugget

De Golden Nugget iz sometin’ we can all be proud of. Now, you may not gamble at all, but de nine quality restaurants an’ de entertainment will make Lake Charles stand out on de map even more.

Me, I got my tickets already for de Merle Haggard show at de end uf de month.

Many tanks to Tilman Fertitta an’ de res’ uf de crew at Golden Nugget for bringin’ such a property to Lake Charles.


Oil Price Drops A Double-Edged Sword

Recently, de price uf oil dropped 10 percent in a day. An’ de price haz dropped about 35 bucks a barrel in de las’ few months. Dat’s good news for de folks who buy gaz … Some have called it a Christmas lagniappe.

But de oil boys are screamin’ an’ yellin’ dat day can’t stay in bidness at dem prices. You remember when oil first went up, oil companies wuz sayin’ it was a rule uf supply an’ demand. Well, de demand ain’t dar no mo, an’ dat’s what’s drivin’ prices down.

Now bein’ dat Louisiana iz an oil state, you can bet dat pretty soon we will see cutbacks in both de drillin’ an’ processin’ uf oil if prices stay low. Dat will mean fewer jobs for folks who work in de oil bidness, an dat’s not good for our state.


She Said What?

Me an’ my buddy Tomas watched de Keystone Pipeline debate on CSPAN an’ fount it very entertainin’. Barbara Boxer wuz talkin’ about how pollution from big oil wuz ruinin’ de country. Texas oil boys basically told her she didn’t know what she wuz talkin’ about.

Pro-pipeline senators were talkin’ about de jobs de pipeline would bring.

But de line uf de day came from Sen. Landrieu, when she answered a senator who said de oil moved by de pipeline would go out uf de country. She replied it would be great if de oil went to Mexico; dat way our neighbors to de south would have jobs and wouldn’t want to come to de U.S. Betcha that got her lots uf Hispanic votes.


Sulphur Lions Club Shines

Me an’ my fran Max went to de Sulphur Community Thanksgiving dinner. It wuz fantastic. More dan 1,000 folks were served, an’ de food wuz great.

What really got our attention wuz de high school kids who wuz helpin’ carry plates to tables for de elderly, like me an Max.

De event wuz helt at de Sulphur Parks and Recreation Aquatic center. Next year — family in town or not — me, I’m goin’ to de Lions Club Thanksgiving bash.

By de way, Max, who iz famous for to-go boxes, made a donation an’ day gave him a to go box. Dat made his day.


Deep Taughts While Eatin’ Head Cheese An’ Cracklins

10) Are de Tigers really gonna play in de Taxslayer Bowl?

9) When is Wayne gonna come through wit’ de speckled belly he promised me?

8) How will de LCPD handle de casino traffic until de Cove Lane project iz done?

7) How do you keep folks from textin’ and talkin’ on cell phones while drivin’?

6) What’s de LSU baseball team gonna look like dis year?

5) Are my franz from Kaplan bringin’ me crawfish when day come to visit?

4) How come I can’t learn to play dat accordion I got from my pal Garland?

3) Iz Black Friday gonna start in October next year?

2) How much did Landrieu and Cassidy really spend on de election?

1) Did T Claude steal dat large hen I wuz boilin’ to make a gumbo?


Final Shot

I axed my buddy Lefty if he went shoppin’ for Black Friday. He sed he went wit’ hiz wife an’ ended up gettin’ in a fight wit anudder customer over a TV set day had at a real good price. Lefty sez all he got outta Black Friday wuz a black eye.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.