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So the other day, someone made a post on my Facebook page about a Mexican restaurant in Sulphur named Rosita’s. The post claimed that authentic Mexican food was served there. rositas interior

Since I felt there’s only one truly authentic place in this area, I was very intrigued to try this place. I’ve driven by it more times than I can count. Not once have I thought to stop in. Boy, was that a mistake on my part.

Chelsea and I went in for lunch, and the place was quite busy. We found a little table at the back so that we had a good view of the entire restaurant.

The servers brought out the chips and two types of salsa, a red and a green. While the green salsa was great, the house salsa stole the show. The red salsa was what I call a great drinking salsa, as the flavor is just spicy enough to make you want a cold beer or a fresh margarita. It had a taste that was so rich and flavorful, I literally had to hide the chips and salsa so that we wouldn’t just fill up on the salsa.

The salsa was blended down nice and smooth with the occasional piece of fresh onion or cilantro to bite into.

Chelsea ordered the chicken enchilada meal with the refried beans and Mexican rice, while I ordered the chicken flautas, which my waitress highly recommended. The flautas had grilled chicken in a tortilla that was fried; but there was no greasy texture to it at all. The flauta was cooked perfectly; it had a nice, crispy texture but not too crispy, if you know what I mean. The chicken was juicy and full of flavor.

The refried beans were great. They’d been cooked down long enough to start breaking down but not so long they’d become just a bean puree. rositas food

The Mexican rice was simple, but very good. Some places try to put all sorts of vegetables in their Mexican rice. I feel that makes the rice too busy. All you really need to do is cook the rice down, with all the flavors and spices cooking into the rice.

Chelsea’s enchiladas were very cheesy, which is never a bad thing. The chicken the cooks used had a nice shredded texture to it that brought the entire dish together.

I now can say there are two authentic Mexican restaurants in SWLA and Rosita’s is one of them. They’ve been in Sulphur for five years and I’m sure they’re a favorite of Sulphur residences. But if someone hadn’t posted on my Facebook page, I still might have not known about this little gem we have in out area.

Rosita’s is located at 2401 E. Napoleon in Sulphur • 337-533-9077


Eat Local; Support Local Restaurants

I have two side notes this week. First, I was contacted by a man named Brian Thibodeaux with Thib’s Cajun Salsa. He wanted me to give his product a try and just wanted my honest opinion — even if I didn’t like it.

He brought me his medium flavor and his new lime-flavored salsa to try. Am I ever glad he contacted me. I’ve only tried the medium thus far, but that alone has been a great experience.

The salsa gets a lot of its flavor from the pickled jalapenos Thibodeaux uses. It’s just enough heat to get you a little fired up, but not hot enough to make you put the chips down. thibs salsa

He’s had his salsa in local Market Baskets for a few years now, but still feels it’s been a tough challenge getting his product out there.

This is a salsa any true salsa lover should enjoy. I suggest you go out and support our local businesses.

On a closing note, I’m very excited that Nina P’s will begin construction on their new restaurant. Nina P’s has a long and great history in Lake Charles, and we’re thrilled that they’ll be coming back better than ever.


Mario Pacetti has worked in the food industry for 20 years. He has served as corporate chef for Holiday Inn, commissary chef for Pasta Pomodoro, commissary chef for Palio D’Asti in San Francisco, executive chef for the Encinal Yacht Club, and executive chef and founder of the Fat Cat Cafe.

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