Rocke Fournet Wednesday, December 4, 2013 0

This is what hunting is all about. Phil and Sherri Cormier have always cherished their time together enjoying the great outdoors. It was a stone cold natural as they packed their gear for a trip out west to Texas.

Sherri Cormier's 13-pointer, taken at Salt gap, Texas, scored a 138 3/8.

Sherri Cormier’s 13-pointer, taken at Salt gap, Texas, scored a 138 3/8.

Normally, Phil has supplied the venison over the years with some very accurate firepower. But as of late, Sherri has been taking target practice and preparing for a buck of her own. The Cormiers exited Fenton with high hopes and aspirations for the mesquite flats of Salt Gap, Texas.  Sherri had scored one deer previously, but was feeling the burn for a trophy buck.  Phil knew the feeling very well, and decided to give the missus (Mrs.) a fair chance.

They hunkered down together with Phil as chief spotter and Sherri resting comfortably behind her favorite deer rifle.

A super buck suddenly appeared out of thin air, and both Cormiers’ blood pressure zoomed off the charts.  It’s a wonder the approaching deer didn’t hear their hearts beating.

Sherri steadied her aim and tried not to hyperventilate. Phil was a nervous wreck, and struggled not to lose it.

Sherri hung in there and pulled off the shot to Phil’s delight. It was about then that her nerves took over. With a certified wall hanger down, Sherri came unglued. A powerful dose of adrenaline followed the shot; she began hysterically laughing and bawling at the same time.

Phil tried unsuccessfully to calm her down, but he was also momentarily a basket case. Sherri’s buck was an awesome 13 pointer that sported thick horns measuring 138 inches that deserved the celebration.

Local buck master Troy Tate has taught his children well. He turned them on to the many joys and benefits of deer hunting at an early age. The advantages last a lifetime.

The old man and his eight-year-old man-child Trey headed north to Union Parish for a trip that neither will ever forget. Trey had put his practice rounds in the kill zone enough to be confident in his shooting ability when the moment of truth arrived.Rocke 2

When an eight-point buck approached their stand, it was pretty much automatic. When Troy whispered “Are you sure this is the one?” Trey answered by shouldering his rifle, squeezing off a sweet shot, and dropping the deer.  One shot; one buck — and the Tate boys were all smiles. Life is good.

Duck season is on with good numbers of teal and grey ducks filling limits. A well-timed Arctic front was just what the doctor ordered to push down fresh flocks of new birds. Numbers should improve as winter sets in. Happy hunting!

Our family would like to thank all those in attendance at the recent unveiling of the statue of 1st Lt. Douglas Fournet at the Veterans Memorial Park on beautiful Lake Charles. We were humbled in the presence of the many veterans who chose to honor us with their attendance and participation. It was a moving first-class ceremony that we will always remember and cherish. Always let it be clear that if Doug were here, he would insist that the statue in his likeness is a tribute to all the veterans who have answered the call to serve their country. To the friends, family, and especially the military, who supported this tremendous patriotic endeavor, we will always be indebted.

God bless America!