Remember To Enter

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 1, 2013 0
Remember To Enter

Everybody has heard the bad news story many times over: an angler saves a few bucks by not entering the STAR tournament, and lo and behold, catches a tagged fish. We’ve even mounted a few potential winners as a constant and painful reminder to said angler.

But have no fear; this is the flip side of a great fishing trip with a very happy ending. Captain Daryl Kingery was on some nice speckled trout and raring to go at first light. The Manuel boys, Kermit and Tee, hustled down from Kinder and this trip was on.

The old adage that it’s bad luck to catch a fish on the first cast was immediately shot out of the water. Daryl and Tee both set the hook on their first offering, and let the good times roll. Tee flipped a small redfish in as Kingery played down a nice trout.

Tee’s little red had some grass on its dorsal fin, and when Tee removed it, he revealed the fish’s prized tag. That nondescript little tag represented a first-class bay boat, motor and trailer. Tee had very wisely bitten the bullet and registered long ago.

All three anglers were psyched and too wired to do anything but head in to have the catch verified. There were high fives all around!

Tee is now the proud owner of a fine bay boat, compliments of CCA (Coastal Conservation Assoc.). He promised both anglers a return trip, and he might even let Captain Kingery drive his new boat!

The countdown has begun. Football season will kick off in the not too distant future. Athletes will be reporting for summer training camps, and it’s all good.

Jack Boyer with his monster 28-inch trout.

Jack Boyer with his monster 28-inch trout.

Jack Boyer, representing St. Louis High School, will put on the pads in preparation for his senior year. He’s penciled in at quarterback and can’t wait to get started.

Jack has already had a great summer registering some hot saltwater fishing trips. In an effort to make the most of a great thing, he’s fitting in as many leisure trips as possible before the Saints tee it up for real.

He was fishing at last light on a productive afternoon trip to Prien Lake. As the sun set, he was about to make a “last cast call” when a giant trout flushed the commode on his topwater walking bait. A monster 28-inch trout exploding a surface bait is much akin to a quarterback arching a long pass downfield and connecting for a score.  Both scenarios have the same effect of putting a smile on your face that will not wipe off.

Jack gently released his trophy trout and is on to bigger and better things.

This is hardcore football country, with the best die-hard athletic supporters in the world. Fans and players alike look forward to an exciting season.

We all appreciate the huge effort and sacrifice athletes like Jack Boyer make each football season. Head coach Mike Johns and staff will see to it their players are well prepared for Friday night lights. Get out and support your favorite teams and athletes. It’s the greatest show in town, and well worth the very reasonable price of admission.

Remember to enter the STAR Tournament; it goes to a great cause even if you don’t win. Support our local footballers.