More Promises Or Real Action?

Pierre Sez Thursday, August 1, 2013 0
More Promises Or Real Action?

When de Golden Nugget announced a few weeks ago day wuz buyin’ Isle of Capri in Mississippi, lots uf folks here, includin’ me, taught day wuz goin’ to buy de Capri property here.

Well, by now we should have all learned dat dem casino folks are a bit hard to figure out. Like we’ve sed before, day move employees around a whole bunch an’ buy an’ sell properties like sacks uf potatoes.

Now day baught a Lake Charles property all right. But it wuz de udder guys. De latest owners uf de casino under construction is de Golden Nugget. Dat organization’s owner iz Tilman Fertitta uf Houston, who also owns udder casinos an’ a whole buncha high-end restaurants, which day promise to have in dar new Lake Charles facility.

Recall folks: Dis license haz been assigned to Sugarcane Bay, Ameristar, Mojito Pointe and now Golden Nugget.  Dere’s been years uf changin’ names an’ announcements wit’ no revenue from dis 15th riverboat gamin’ license.

De Louisiana Gaming Control Board will next meet Aug. 15 in Baton Rouge. It’s about time day take action so dat de facility dat’s under construction iz completed in a timely manner so we can start seein’ revenue from dis license.

Bob Jones, who represents our area on de boad, an’ iz a smart bidnessman, should take de lead in forcin’ dem what haz duties an’ promises in dis picture to get dar act togedder. Realize what we’ve missed out in tax dollars in dis area because uf dis game uf musical chairs.


We Need To Get Goin’

Jim Serra on his KPLC-TV “A Better SWLA” recently talked about how de plans for a China takeover were crumblin’ an’ dat de U.S. would soon be energy independent. He talked about de key industries, both existing and comin’, dat will play a big part in dis country gettin’ to dis independence.

We say dat’s true only if we’re ready. If you invite a buncha folks over for a cochon de lait, you don’t wait ‘til day get dar before butcherin’ de hog. You start ahead uf time. An’ from what we’ve seen, doesn’t look like dis area haz even selected de pig day want to kill for de event.

Like we’ve sed before, it’s time to move on better roads an’ udder infrastructure to make dis happen. Folks, dem companies dat have announced dar comin’ here don’t drag dar feet like some uf dem bureaucrats in Baton Rouge. If dem companies see dar goin’ to have to wait a year or two ‘cause de area ain’t ready, den dar gonna take action dat we’d radder not see. Time iz money to dem, and it’s time now for state an’ local gubment officials to get off dar can an’ make tings happen.


Get Ready To Rum Rum-Ble!!!

Two new rums have hit the stores in our area. De rums, products uf Louisiana Spirits in Lacassine, are both bottled in 80-proof.

Louisiana Spirits haz been in de works for three years, an’ even though de first products have jus’ hit de market, de distillery is already expandin’. Construction haz begun on a 12,000-square-foot addition dat will hold supplies and an agin’ room.

My fran Cormier from Jennings went to work dar. He lasted a day. It seems he spent mos’ de day samplin’ de product.


Good Police Work

De Lake Charles Police Dept. recently showed what happens when good police work iz done. We’re talkin’ about de capture uf a young man day tink iz responsible for 15 armed robberies in de Lake Area.

Durin’ a press conference, Police Chief Don Dixon explained how day figured out de MO (dat means method of operation; learned dat on Kojak years ago) uf dis guy. In one night, day had 51 officers out coverin’ various convenience stores, which seemed to be his favorite spots to rob. He hit a store in Sulphur. A few days later, he tried to hit a store on Hwy. 14 and de men in blue were ready.

After hittin’ de most-hit telephone pole in de parish — de one on Lake Street near Wendy’s — de suspect took out runnin’. Day got him, an’ he sits in jail awaitin’ de judicial process.

Mayor Randy did right to attend de Dixon press conference to praise everyone for good police work. Imagine dese poor policemen chasin’ dis guy down with all de gear day have hanging on dar belts an’ de bulletproof vests in 100 degree weather. Dat’s hard work, but good work, by the Lake Charles Police Dept.


Guillory For U.S. Senator?

When state Sen. Elbert Guillory from de Opelousas area announced he wuz switchin’ from Democrat to Republican, he sed he wuzn’t interested in runnin’ for any office udder dan state senator. De fact dat an African-American would switch to de Republican party wuz in itself a bit uf a shocker. In fact, it wuz all over YouTube, an’ made national headlines on some uf dem so-called news channels.

At de time, everyone in de know in Baton Rouge knew already he wuz lookin’ at runnin’ for lt. governor in de next election.

Now we read in a separate publication dat de Grand Old Party iz lookin’ at Guillory to run for U.S. Senate against Mary Landrieu next year. Some pollsters say de announced Republican in dis race, congressman Bill Cassidy, ain’t trackin’ too good in de polls.

We all know de National Republican Party banged dar heads against de wall when Bobby Jindal sed he wuzn’t runnin. An’ day really want to gain dis seat. Day also know Landrieu haz lost some shine in dis state because uf her stance on Obamacare an’ some udder key issues.

De question iz how would Guillory do among African-Americans — a strong base uf support for Landrieu for de las’ several elections? An’ would splittin’ de Republican vote assure Landrieu uf a first primary win? Ain’t politics wonderful in de great state uf Louisiana?


Why Not Here???

Me an’ my wife Sedonia, along wit’ some uf our franz, went to Coushatta in Kinder las’ week an’ enjoyed some real fine ribs at de Sports Bar called Gumbeaux’s. Whlle waitin’ for our ribs, we noticed an adjoinin’ room whare day had off-track horseracin’ an’, uf course, gamblin’. I mean day had a whole buncha races, from Evangeline Downs in Lafayette, Louisiana Downs in Bossier City an’ a whole bunch outta state tracks.

Wuz at Pat’s in downtown Lafayette a few months ago an’ sawed day had it dar, too. Now, I axed de group why we don’t have OTB (off-track bettin’) in de Lake Area, an’ nobody knew. If we gonna have gamblin’ here, let’s do it all de way and have off-track bettin’.


No Rockets On Cable

Az you know, we haven’t been able to watch de Astros on cable dis year. Dat’s because uf some brewhaha between de Astros and an outfit called CSN Houston.

Looks like we ain’t gonna be able to see de predicted-to-be-better Rockets basketball, needer. What iz de problem??? Well, it’s de answer to all questions … money.



Well folks, in de next few weeks, we gonna start feelin’ a little hint uf fall in de mornings, and in jus’ a few weeks, we gonna have football on TV an’ in our local stadiums. We know NFL preseason games are kickin’ off soon, an’ dat haz certainly gotten my football buddies an’ me fired up for tings to come.

Sean Payton iz back runnin’ de Saints, an’ both LSU an’ McNeese appear to be headed for a good season, so get de tailgate set up and de grill ready. My stockbroker fran Max haz been pushin’ Blue and Gold Fridays for a while now. Me, I say spend a few bucks and join de crowd. I wear mine. Doesn’t matter whar or if you went to college. McNeese iz a big source uf revenue for our area, so why not support dem?


Deep Taughts While Fishin’ At De Cameron Jetties

10) Why don’t one uf dem big reds jump on my hook?

9) Will dis Astro-blockin’ on Suddenlink carry over to Texas college games

on our cable?

8) Will Johnny Football still be on de Aggie team by de time day play LSU?

7) Why does everyone invite me to dar deer camps to cook an’ not to hunt?

6) Iz everyone in our area ready for hurricane season?

5) Am I crazy to pay $15 for a watermelon?

4) How come I can’t grow good tomatoes like dat DeRidder lady who haz a stand

on Nelson Road?

3) Will Snookie bring me dem freshly picked figs she promised me?

2) Wit’ all dem hot dog players de New Orleans Pelicans basketball team got,

jus’ how good day gonna be?

1) How come I got three remotes for one TV an’ can never find any uf dem?


Final Shot

I took my fran Lefty wit’ me to de Ceegar Club de udder day. I got him a real good ceegar and an adult beverage uf hiz choice.

Afta we left, I axed him how he liked it dar. He sed de ceegar an’ de drink wuz too strong. He den axed when I wuz gonna take him again. Dat Lefty, he’s just a connoisseur uf de finer tings in life.


‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.