Inventory Your Gear

Rocke Fournet Friday, October 19, 2018 Comments Off on Inventory Your Gear
Inventory Your Gear

It has been a brutally hot fall thus far — the kind that Louisiana historically is famous for. Local sportsmen have been patiently waiting for relief in the form of an Arctic cool front. But so far, if the heat doesn’t get you, the mosquitoes will. What’s a sportsman to do?

Gene Steech packed his vacation bags and headed north to Alaska. He hooked up with good friends Pat Johnson and Kevin Blackmore, who call Anchorage, Alaska, their home. All three amigos had retired as U.S. Customs agents, and it was time for some fun.

Left to right: Gene Steech, Kevin Blackmore and Pat Johnson.


They had targeted silver salmon, and this fishing adventure was on its way. Temperatures dropping into the 40s with pristine scenery, and this group was in their element. The beautiful glacier-fed river was fed by numerous clear stream tributaries with no shortage of very large silver salmon.

The primary bait was salmon eggs bobbing under a cork, with a side of artificial lures. These anglers certainly deserved and appreciated the sheer beauty of their surroundings. 

It didn’t take long for the salmon to get active and stretch these guys’ lines. The fish were fat and healthy and quite a beautiful sight in the gin-clear water.

All these guys had paid their dues and earned retirements as law enforcement agents. This scenic trip was a little payback for their years of dedication and service.

The second best part of the trip was firing up the grease for a feast on fresh salmon. These fish were great on the table, and about as good as it gets for heart healthy meals.

Pat and Kevin were amazed at Gene’s ability to pack away more than his fair share of these succulent freshwater fish. But there was nary a morsel of fish that escaped these three chowhounds. This is what retirement is all about!

Back in sweet home Louisiana, teal season kicked the hunting seasons off with mixed reviews. Opening weekend produced good numbers of blue-wing teal and was good for several pot-roasted dinners. The number of birds dwindled as usual. But they still produced enough action to inspire one to roll out of bed early.

Louisiana sportsmen are still waiting for a cold front to make it a little more bearable. The good news is help is on the way, with a relieving front to arrive sooner rather than later.

It’s a good time to inventory your hunting gear in preparation for another exciting hunting season. A little practice at your favorite firing range will sharpen your shooting skills and do wonders for your on-target abilities. When the moment of truth arrives, you will be locked and loaded.

Get out and support your favorite football teams. They have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears for your personal entertainment. So help fill the stands. All we need now is a cold front to blow through and make it actually feel like football season.

These are exciting times for McNeese athletics. The football team has already notched three wins as we turn the corner into October. Also, McNeese basketball will tip if off in their new first-class arena very shortly. The basketball buzz is back, so be ready to show some love. Go McNeese!

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