Practice Pays Off

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 2, 2018 Comments Off on Practice Pays Off
Practice Pays Off

At least we are over the worst part. It has been a long, brutally hot summer, but a change is going to come. It’s been a scorcher this year, with daytime temperatures soaring into the 90s on a regular basis. This has been going on since early June, so any break in the relentless heat would be greatly appreciated.

A trophy reminder that cooler days are ahead!


At this stage of the game, we will be grateful for any small favors. The only respite from the relentless heat has come in the way of thunderstorms that do provide some cloud cover and cooling rain showers. We will take what we can get from here on out.

But it’s never too early to begin looking forward to the upcoming seasons. Before you know it, our favorite seasons will be upon us.

In these parts, football rules, and it’s never too early to anticipate the upcoming year. Teams will be reporting in August, and, as usual, anticipation will be at a fever pitch. If you’re looking for quality football on any level, Louisiana is the place to live. Local high school teams are traditionally high caliber and provide a great show on Friday nights.

Saturdays provide local sports fans with quality entertainment at the college level. Louisiana teams have earned respect on a national level. There is nothing that compares with the excitement of college football.

The Saints take the field on Sundays, and this year should be a good one. Brother Drew Brees is about as good as it gets, and now that they have developed a running game, this could be the year of the Saints. There are no bad seats in the Superdome — so go Saints!

This could be classified as premature, but hunting season is just around the corner. In a few select areas, archer season kicks it all off in September. There is nothing remotely close to the thrill of getting in bow range of a super-intelligent whitetail deer.

When the moment of truth arrives, you’ll be glad you spent valuable practice time in preparation for this opportunity. It’s usually during bow season that we get a teaser of a cool front to really get your mind right.

An Arctic cool front will make you most grateful to just get out and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer. Harvesting a deer with a bow and arrow is just lagniappe, but very sweet.

Pictured is an awesome non-typical buck taken in Kansas last year. This big 11-point buck was taken by local archer Madison Watkins, and it made his day. The gnarly buck tallied up over 150 inches of bone, and sure made the trip home way less painful.

Madison made a sweet shot, making all those practice shots well worth the effort.

Pray for an early cool front, and don’t forget to sharpen your shooting skills through target practice and repetition. Stay cool and see you at Cowboy Stadium! 

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