Maybe Dreams Do Come True

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Maybe Dreams Do Come True

A janitor at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, discovered $325,000 worth of gold bars in a garbage bin. Investigators told The Korea Times they believe two men were transporting the gold, wrapped in newspapers, from Hong Kong to Japan, and threw away the stash for fear of being searched by customs agents. If the owner doesn’t make a claim in six months, the janitor will get the gold, thanks to South Korea’s finders-keepers law. However, if the treasure is found to be linked to criminal activity, the janitor will not be entitled to any of it.

Hands Off The Free Money!

Drivers along I-70 outside of Indianapolis thought it was raining money for them May 2 as $600,000 in cash tumbled out of the back doors of a Brinks truck and onto the highway. State police spokesman Sgt. John Perrine said an undetermined amount of cash has not been accounted for, as “people were jumping over fences and crawling on the ground” to pick up loose bills flying around. In a tweet, he warned: “Finding a large sum of money is no different than other property. If a brand-new car fell off a semi, would the first person to find it get to keep it? It belongs to someone else.”

High Times

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived at the scene of a crash in Orlando on April 29 to find Scott Ecklund, 32, uninjured but highly agitated. Trooper Glaudson Curado arrested Ecklund after he helpfully told the trooper he could get more meth than had been found in the search of Ecklund’s wrecked Chevy Impala if the trooper would allow him to leave the scene. “Mr. Ecklund was making no sense during our conversation,” Curado wrote in his report. Ecklund, who was arrested earlier in April for crashing a truck into a house and claiming to be an FBI agent as he brandished an assault rifle, was charged with meth possession and driving with a suspended license. He was taken to the Orange County Jail.

Naked Folks — And Not In The Paintings, Either

The Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum in Paris, has made a name for itself by granting special visiting hours to nudists. On May 5, Reuters reported, naturists were invited to tour an exhibit, with 160 taking advantage. Paris is seeing an increase in naturist events, according to Julien Claude-Penegry, communications director of the Paris Naturists Association. “The naturists’ way of life is to be naked. Naturists are pushing past barriers, taboos or mentalities that were obstructive,” he said. Next up for French nudists: a clubbing night later this year.

Not Microwavable

Angelique Sanchez, 26, of Denver, was asked to provide a urine sample for a prospective employer on May 3. She stopped at a 7-Eleven store in Aurora, where she put the urine-filled bottle in a microwave and turned the machine on. The whole thing then blew up. A 7-Eleven clerk, who observed a “yellow liquid … and the smell was unquestionably urine” dripping from the microwave, confronted Sanchez, who wiped the liquid out of the microwave and onto the floor, then walked out. KUSA TV reported that police caught up with her at a nearby clinic and issued a summons for damaged property. Medical expert Comilla Sasson guessed that Sanchez was trying to restore the sample to body temperature.

Learn To Love Your Smoke Alarm

When Leroy Mason, 68, of Barton, Ver., heard his smoke detector go off on April 30, he aimed his 20-gauge shotgun at it. The shots went through the adjoining wall of an occupied apartment. Fire and EMS crews called to the scene had been there before, according to a Vermont State Police news release, which stated, “Mr. Mason has complained in the past about frequent false alarms … and was upset that fire crews would not relocate the detector. Mr. Mason took it upon himself to relocate the smoke detector …” When first responders relieved him of his shotgun, Mason rearmed himself with a Colt .45 handgun and demanded his shotgun back. Mason was finally subdued and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and reckless endangerment.

The Value Of Mentos

Jose Arreola, 49, of Bellflower, Calif., was more angry than scared when a police officer drew a gun on him on March 16. The officer mistakenly thought Arreola had stolen a roll of Mentos, which retails for $1.19. A security camera at an Orange County service station captured the incident. It showed Arreola placing the Mentos on the counter along with a $20 bill. As he waited for his change, Arreola put the mints in his pocket, which is when an off-duty officer behind him pulled a gun out of the pocket of his hoody and ordered him to put the mints back on the counter. When the clerk confirmed Arreola had paid, the officer said, “my apologies.” “It was traumatic, the whole incident,” Arreola told the Orange County Register. “Are you seriously pulling a gun out over a pack of Mentos?”

Masters Of Vandalism

Toronto police found a blue Honda Civic hanging by a rope under the Millwood Overpass Bridge. It was missing its windows, windshield and engine. Originally, officials thought the burned-out car might be part of a movie shoot. But further research didn’t turn up any authorized filming in Toronto. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” a passing cyclist told CTV News. “This is hilarious.” However, officers warned that if caught, the culprits could face charges.

Otter Sets Bad Example

Kayaker Sue Spector, 77, was out for a leisurely paddle on the Braden River in Florida with her husband and friends when someone remarked, “Oh look, there’s an otter.” No sooner had the words been spoken than the mammal jumped onto Spector in her kayak and began clawing and scratching her arms, nose and ear. “He wouldn’t let go and I kept screaming. I kept beating him with a paddle,” Spector told FOX13 News. She later required stitches, antibiotics and rabies treatment. It was the second otter attack in two days. Florida Fish and Wildlife has now posted signs about the “aggressive otter” near the area.

Just One Of The Dangers Of Drag Shows

Neldin Molina of Denver is dragging Hamburger Mary’s restaurant in Tampa, Fla., to court with a $1.5-million lawsuit. Molina alleges she was injured in the restaurant by a drag queen’s breasts. Molina was visiting the restaurant in May, 2015, with friends and family when a drag show began. Molina said drag queen Amanda D’Hod pointed at her and began to approach her. But Molina turned her back to signal she didn’t want to participate in the show. The suit alleges that D’Hod then walked in front of Molina, grabbed her head and shook it, pounding it “violently” against the performer’s fake breasts. The complaint said Molina began to experience headaches and neck pain and later went to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Tampa. The lawsuit also notes the restaurant failed to notify patrons of possible danger from the drag show.

Severe Lapse In Oversight

The Carelse family of Lakewood, Colo., picked up some groceries at the Walmart in Littleton on March 5. The groceries included a box of Quaker 100 Percent Natural Granola with oats, honey and raisins. When they sat down for breakfast the next morning, Anthea Carelse noticed that the “best by” date on the box was Feb. 22, 1997 — more than 21 years ago. Her husband, Josiah, ate his full bowl and didn’t suffer any unpleasant consequences, but Anthea stopped after two bites. Josiah planned to return the box to Walmart.

No Driving On The Stairs

On March 12 in Northumberland, England, a car thief making a getaway in a Mini Cooper S discovered the small car was not small enough to navigate a narrow stone staircase in Carlisle Park. Northumbria police were called to the park at 11:30 pm. They found the car and its 31-year-old driver both wedged tightly between the staircase walls. Area residents speculated to the Metro News that the driver might have been trying to re-enact a scene from “The Italian Job,” a 1969 movie. “I’m sure the older Minis would have got down no problem,” said resident Chris Stoker.

Never Say Never

April 11 was a great day for Markiko Sonnie Lewis of Maple Heights, Ohio. He got out of jail. Lewis, 40, served time in state prison for robbing a Cleveland Key Bank branch in November, 2015. To celebrate, he returned to the same bank on April 12 and robbed it again, taking $1,000. Lewis was indicted on May 1 with one count of bank robbery.

Trying The Russian Way

An unnamed Russian woman stunned tourists and onlookers March 10 when she walked into the Red Sea and, with the help of a doctor and her partner, gave birth. From the balcony of her uncle’s apartment in Dahab, Egypt, Hadia Hosny El Said photographed the events, as the doctor carried the newborn and its father walked alongside. After a few minutes, the mother emerged from the sea to join her family, including a toddler, on the beach. El Said told The Daily Mail the doctor is Russian and specializes in water births.

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