Keep On Singing

Rocke Fournet Thursday, July 5, 2018 Comments Off on Keep On Singing
Keep On Singing

The good and righteous folks of Southwest Louisiana showed us recently just why this is such a great place to live. They did so at a two-day affair in honor of native son Ty Griffen. There were all sorts of fun and games Saturday; it was topped off Sunday with live music. The three-piece band had the overflow crowd toe tapping and the dance floor alive and well with cute kids and adults who knew just how to two-step.

Ty was an outstanding multi-sport athlete representing St. Louis High School and later McNeese, home of the Cowboys. He had a hot fastball and a developing breaking ball. 


He was involved in a serious boating accident in Lacassine Reserve that altered his life and the lives of all the many friends and family around him.  Sitting right by his side was his number one running mate and partner, Ty Todd. These two are inseparable and exhibit the meaning of true friendship.

The party in Ty Griffen’s honor was an inspiration to us all. When one of their own is in need, the good folks unite and show their support en masse.  The event generated a great feeling; it was special just to be a part of such an outstanding group of caring people. These Southwest Louisiana supporters made you proud to be a card-carrying coonass and in attendance.

There are beaucoup negative things these days for us to dwell on and gripe about. If you fall into the negative trap, it can turn into a woe-is-me fest. It’s hard to imagine why an accident of this magnitude would befall such an up and coming young man. But it’s not our place to wonder why. What is important is how friends and family close ranks and show their love and support.  With Ty Griffen as the centerpiece, his loving family and friends will be just fine.

It’s easy to develop trivial feelings for our fellow man in today’s competitive environment. But times like these bring out our very best attributes. An awful lot of caring souls attended Ty’s party and benefited more than money can buy just by being there.

We’re all grateful for the opportunity of just being in their presence.

As the band, began to groove, our “too sweet” granddaughter, Sofia, began to hit her stride with some classic hip-hop moves. This was great family fun, and the band was right on. As our table rocked, the crowd began to feel it. Two precious Cajun children at the next table showed off their inherited ability to dance and have fun.

As the beat played on, Tiffany directed my attention to the master of ceremonies. Ty was front and center and singing at full throttle to one of his favorite country and western tunes.  Not only was he singing, but he knew all the words, and he was spot-on-key.  It was a moving moment and truly made our day.

This young man has a burden to bear, but is more than capable of handling the heavy load. Surrounded by loving family and dedicated friends — old Hank, Jr., said it best with “country boys will survive!”

All those in attendance are grateful to Ty and his family for showing us the way. Sometimes we go astray, but just being there helped us to get our minds right. We all give thanks, and are always grateful for Ty Griffen for teaching us all an important lesson in life.  

Keep on singing, Ty. You sound great. Praise God!


Ty Griffen and his partners in crime at his marathon benefit.

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