It Only Takes One Big Bass

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It Only Takes One Big Bass

There is nothing like the very first time. Mitch Granger and Stephen Lane partnered up recently for a spring turkey adventure neither will ever forget. Mitch had scored a few birds previously, but never in the state of Louisiana. This was also his first attempt to seduce a gobbler with a call. Also, this was Stephen’s very first attempt to pull the trigger on a wild turkey.

Kevin Koch’s great marsh bass.

Both hunters picked a picturesque creek bottom for their first stand. Mitch did his best imitation of a wild turkey, but received no response. It was time to make a move.

They packed up the decoy and moved to spot number two. Mitch began a series of realistic calls, and it didn’t take long. Both hunters froze as two mature gobblers came gliding in.

This was textbook turkey hunting 101, as the birds approached their position. Both hunters assumed the ready position with guns shouldered. Two shots rang out and two beautiful Merryville turkeys bit the dust.

And just like clockwork, two more hunters are addicted to the grand sport of Louisiana turkey hunting. Neither will ever forget this day.

A high pressure front had just cleared the weather, making for not the most ideal conditions for a successful bass fishing trip. But Kevin Koch had fishing fever, and knew just how to ease the pain. He loaded up and headed south to Lacassine Reserve for his chance at a lunker marsh bass.

The fishing was predictably slow, as Kevin managed to eek out three small bass. The north wind was eating his lunch. But it only takes one big bass, so he kept on chunking and winding.

A giant whirlpooled the bait, and Kevin reared back for a true hook-set.  Fishing by himself, it was mano versus giant bass, and the fight was on. Kevin played the fish down and lipped a giant weighing in at 8.8 pounds. After a quick picture and measurements, he released the hawg to spawn again. A life-size replica will represent this great marsh bass for eternity.

Patience is a virtue you have to earn. The Lafargue fishing family from Kinder set their compass for due north and headed to Toledo Bend.  Dad, Chad and 11-year-old son Connor had high hopes for a white perch trip to remember.

At first, the fish were finicky, and the bite slow. Connor was about ready to hoist the white flag and try them again on another day. But Chad had been through this drill before. They hung in there and were well rewarded when the big crappie began to feed. A lot of successful fishing is not knowing when to give up.

The Lake Charles basketball contingent welcomes coach Heath Shroyer and his entire staff to our fair city. We have new coaches and a class arena to perform in; and the basketball buzz is back for Cowboy nation!

There was a time you couldn’t get a seat to a McNeese game in the packed Civic Center. The Cowboys were winning, and the house was rocking! It’s been too many years ago. Local fans are excited about doing their part in turning this thing around.

Good luck to the remaining players and their new staff of coaches. Ex-McNeese greats like John Rudd, Edmond and David Lawrence and Joe Dumars have laid the foundation for future basketball generations’ success.  The best of luck, and welcome, to Cowboy Arena!

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