Woman Sues Over Sasquatch

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Woman Sues Over Sasquatch

Crestline, Calif., resident Claudia Ackley, 46, has teamed with Discovering Bigfoot filmmaker Todd Standing to sue the state of California, requesting that state agencies acknowledge the existence of a Sasquatch species. Ackley and her daughters, 11 and 14, say they were hiking a trail at Lake Arrowhead in March, 2017, when they spotted a large figure braced in a pine tree. “I ran into a Sasquatch — a Bigfoot. We were face to face,” Ackley told the San Bernardino Sun. Forest rangers insisted at the time that Ackley and her daughters had seen a bear, and Ackley fears that by not acknowledging the presence of the legendary creatures, the state is putting the public at risk. “People have to be warned about these things,” she said. “They are big.”

Hit Him With Your Beer!

Washington State University senior Logan Tago, a football linebacker, received WSU’s Center for Civic Engagement Fall 2017 Community Involvement award for 240 hours of service to the local community — service he was ordered to provide as a stipulation of his sentencing for third-degree assault. In June, 2016, Tago allegedly hit a man with a six-pack of beer and later agreed to a plea deal that called for 30 days in the Whitman County jail, $800 in fines and exactly 240 hours of community service. Tago managed to play the final two games of the 2016 season and in all of 2017’s 13 games, despite a WSU athletic department policy that prohibits players who are facing a felony charge from playing.

Mannequins And Cars Don’t Mix

Police in Mainz, Germany, responded to an apartment building after cries were heard from a unit. When they arrived, officers found two men, the 58-year-old tenant and a 61-year-old visitor, “hopelessly locked up” with a mannequin dressed as a knight and a large remote-controlled car. The men were too drunk to explain how they had become entangled, and one officer remarked that “the whole thing would have remained a funny episode” if the younger man had not become “more than impolite.” He now faces a charge of insulting officers.

The Law Discrimates Against Drunks

On Feb. 9, the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals upheld the four-year prison sentence of Ralph Alfred Friesenhahn, 65, received after his fourth DWI conviction in 2016. The court rejected arguments from his lawyer, Gina Jones of New Braunfels, that the state’s legal limit for alcohol concentration discriminates against alcoholics, who have a higher tolerance for liquor. “You’re not being punished for being an alcoholic,” Sammy McCrary, chief of the felony division for the Comal County criminal district attorney’s office told the Austin American-Statesman. “It’s the driving that’s the problem.”

Compelling Explanation

A woman claiming to be on a mission from God led a Kentucky State Police trooper on a chase at speeds up to 120 mph, stopping only when another trooper pulled in front of her car. Connie Lynn Allen, 52, of Goodlettsville, Tenn., told officers that she was Mother Mary en route to pick up baby Jesus and that God had given her permission to speed. She also said that she had died six years ago. She was charged with several offenses and is being held in Hardin County.


When Firefighter Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, from Toronto, disappeared from the Whiteface Mountain ski resort in New York’s Adirondacks, he was the subject of a weeklong search by more than 250 people, who used drones, dogs and helicopters. When he finally turned up in California at the Sacramento International Airport on Feb. 13, he was still dressed in his ski pants and ski boots, and still had his helmet, along with a new iPhone and a recent haircut. But, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Filippidis couldn’t tell officers anything about how he had traveled across the country, other than he rode in a “big-rig-style truck” and “slept a lot.” The truck dropped him off in downtown Sacramento, but he was unable to explain how he got to the airport. He was taken to an area hospital.

Drying Underwear On A Flight

Metro News reported on Feb. 20 that travelers “remained silent” for 20 minutes while a fellow passenger on a Ural Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey, to Moscow used the air vent above her seat to dry a pair of underwear. Witnesses reported that the woman showed no shame and that “everybody was looking with interest and confusion.” Debate raged later, however, after video of the woman was posted online, with one commenter speculating that “maybe the take-off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those.”

So, No More Cookies

Staffers at a Bangor, Maine, day care called Watch Me Shine were happy to receive Valentine’s cookies made by a parent; they were happy, that is, until those who had eaten the cookies started to feel high. “Within 15 minutes, teachers were reporting they had concerns about those cookies,” Tiffany Nowicki, director of the center, told the Bangor Daily News. Twelve staff members felt the effects of the treats, which were confiscated by the police and are being tested. “If they find something that shouldn’t be in those cookies,” Nowicki said, “that’s a big problem and we’ll make sure it’s addressed.” The day care has instituted a new policy that no outside food can be brought in for the children or staff.

Least Competent Criminals

— Shanghai, China, police posted a video on social media of two men trying to break into a business on Feb. 14 by using bricks to shatter the glass storefront. But as United Press International reported, when Suspect A’s brick bounced off the glass, he bent to retrieve it and ended up squarely in the path of Suspect B’s brick, which struck him in the head and apparently knocked him out. In the video, Suspect B can be seen dragging Suspect A away from the store. Police remarked: “If all burglars were like this, we wouldn’t need to work overtime.”

— A drug smuggler from Brazil apparently didn’t know he was under investigation by the National Anti-Narcotics Trafficking Unit in Portugal when he arrived on a flight Feb. 12 wearing a set of false butt cheeks filled with 2.2 pounds of cocaine. The 32-year-old unidentified man was detained at the Tax and Customs Authority and searched. His unusual derriere aroused suspicion. An accomplice, waiting for him at a Lisbon train station, was also arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Olympic Streaking

As the medal ceremony for the men’s 1,000-meter speedskating competition concluded on Feb. 23 at the Gangneung Oval in Pyeongchang, South Korea, “serial streaker” Mark Roberts, 55, of Liverpool, England, jumped the wall and took to the ice. Roberts peeled off his tracksuit to reveal a pink tutu, a “penis pouch” with a monkey face on it, and “Peace + Love” scrawled on his torso. Although he might have lost points for an initial fall, he jumped up and continued performing a dance routine. Metro News recounts that Roberts has streaked at Wimbledon, the French Open and soccer matches, along with dog shows and other large events. He “retired” in 2013, saying “gravity’s against me.” But apparently he couldn’t resist the global exposure of the Olympics.

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