Reptilian Monster

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Reptilian Monster

If you like winter weather, you just might have a smile on your face this year. We have experienced some cold, wet weather and even got to play in some real snow. A February cold front just blew through, plummeting temperatures near freezing. With a steady rain and a chilling north wind, a warm house is a prime place to be right now.


Most hunting seasons are finis, but squirrel season is still happening. Kinder’s Zane Carter, former football all-stater, has taken his fair share of fox and cat squirrels over the course of many enjoyable seasons. He usually still hunts, picking his spots to move and stalk. It’s no easy task to limit out with eight squirrels, but Zane has turned that trick many times in his career.

He recently hooked up with Mike “Pumpkin” Lejeune, who is the proud owner of a dog, Duster, with a very good reputation as a hunter. Zane was doubtful, having taken only three bushy tails on his last hunt in the same woods. But there was nice weather and Duster was raring to go, so they loaded up to check it out.

Zane’s friend, Skippy, tagged along, and this trip was happening. It didn’t take long before Duster got warmed up, and the squirrels were in deep trouble. The action became fast and furious, with the hound dog earning his dog chow and then some.

Conditions were right, and this dog was all over the squirrels. At one time, he treed four in one tree!

Zane and Skip were covering ground and exhibiting some fancy footwork. Skip’s main worry was he would run out of shells after firing off multi-shot volleys. And Zano executed exceptionally nimble feet from years of football grass drills. He was in his squirrel element.

It was a fine hunt — one to always be remembered. Zane will honor it by slow cooking the tender gray squirrels, and then seeing how many he can devour in one setting. To wash it down, a glass of Skip’s tasty homemade wine would be nice.

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Check the reptilian monster to the left. That is a gargantuan alligator that once called Louisiana its home. This giant was taken in 1962 off the Intracoastal Canal when hunting them was legal. The next year, strict regulations for harvesting a gator went into effect.

Buck Jones had been trying for years for a crack at this big reptile, but no soap. The gator would submerge and get sneaky and stay one step ahead of him. There was a reason this alligator had grown so big. He was savvy.

Through patience and perseverance, Buck finally scored with one well-placed buck shot in the skull.

The serious work began at the point of hauling the reptile out. It took a crew of hard bodies, including Buddy Spiller and Smoo Henshaw, to roll the massive gator into a boat and head to the house. They hoisted him up with a tractor for a classic Louisiana photo.

No one bothered to measure or weigh the gator, but the picture speaks for itself. It’s a truly magnificent specimen that would put a smile on any true coonass’ face. Aieeyee!

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