Things To Be Thankful For

Michael Kurth Thursday, January 18, 2018 Comments Off on Things To Be Thankful For
Things To Be Thankful For

Another year has flown by, as we prepare to usher in a new one. It’s time to turn the page and forge into the New Year with a positive attitude. There’s way more to be grateful for in this world, so let’s get on with it.

The following is a very unofficial list of good stuff we can associate with the year 2017.

Granddaughter, Sofia Rae

1. The good old USA is not currently involved in a major war. We are blessed to be living in a free country, and protected by the absolute finest military in the world. We salute present and past generations of soldiers who are devoted to protecting you and me. The American flag unites us, and we stand at attention to honor its presence.

2. Our part of the world dodged a bullet when a massive hurricane just missed us last year. Others were not so fortunate and were inundated with wind and water. The Cajun rescue armada formed up and went to the rescue. Boats of all styles were trailered to nearby launches, and this rescue was on. Folks stranded and in harm’s way were never so grateful to be transported to higher ground. When people are in need of help, you can count on good people to respond. When the tables are switched, you can count on them, likewise.

3. The New Orleans Saints are having a great run to the Super Bowl. Drew Brees is da man, and what a class person he is to be representing the state of Louisiana. He would be the first to remind us he has a great supporting team. These Saints are playing great on both sides of the ball — and special teams, too! If it comes down to quarterback play, it’s an easy bet. Go Saints!

4. This one is hot off the press. McNeese basketball programs, both men and women, won their conference season openers. Back in the day, Cowboy basketball packed the stands and provided great entertainment for your bucks. We’ve struggled through some rough spots, but we’ve got plenty of fight left. The local basketball community applauds the athletes for their tremendous efforts and wishes you the best. With a first-class facility on campus to play in, this season could get the ball in our court and going in the right direction. Go McNeese!

5. Speaking of McNeese sports, the buzz is back in Cowboy football. Coach Lance Guidry and his staff put together the sort of eight-win season every team strives for. Our defense plays with Lance’s trademark aggressive style, and our offense puts up big numbers. The Cowboys should be solid, and a lot of devoted fans will be pulling for it. Tabary is the real deal at quarterback, and that’s a good start. Cowboy Nation will be chomping at the bit to check out this new and improved edition in 2018.

6. Cajun families aren’t missing any meals. We have access to the best foods in the world. Not only do we have access to unique foods, but they’re cooked to perfection. Can you imagine not having access to boudin or — God forbid — gumbo? It’s a scary thought. It’s a fine Cajun tradition to eat your fill, so pull up a chair at the table. Eating great food is one of life’s simple pleasures, and le bon ton roule!

7. Rounding out this New Year’s list of good stuff is baby Sofia Rae. She is our granddaughter. Bob Hartnett, publisher of Lagniappe, gave me permission to write about her. So here goes:  She’s 11 months old and cute as a button. We are amazed at her intelligence and happy demeanor. She seldom cries, and is more apt to flash you a million-dollar smile. She’s already pulling herself up into a standing position, and walking is just around the corner. She’s surrounded by loving family who are standing in line to hold her. Sofia is beginning to gnaw on solid food and works wonders with her one bottom tooth. All family members have sworn an oath to go that extra mile to spoil her rotten. She has mine and Gram’s vote as baby of the year.

Happy New Year!

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