Cooler Weather At Last!

Rocke Fournet Thursday, November 16, 2017 Comments Off on Cooler Weather At Last!
Cooler Weather At Last!

Our humble prayers have been answered. Old man winter has finally made his arrival, and not a moment too soon. Back-to-back cold fronts have officially announced the arrival of a new season. This latest front forecasts temps dropping into the 30s for some real winter weather. Hunters everywhere are on their knees, grateful for some relief from the heat, the ever-present pesky mosquitoes and the snakes, which the recent floodwaters have pushed up onto land. A few water moccasin sightings will get you high stepping through the grass.

It is mercifully time to break out the jacket and gloves. These early cool snaps will make it much easier to roll out of bed and put your nose into the wind. The coffee even tastes better!

The change of season has the critters and fish getting active, just like us humans. With the approach of a front, the rapid change in barometric pressure can be felt by all, and it produces a good feeling. It gets you up and moving.

Mike Shexnider and crew stepped into some monster bull redfish on a recent trip. The reds were active and on the prowl. Mike was on them like white on rice near Hog Island Gully. His arms were pumped up after going toe-to-toe with a giant 36 inches long and over 22 pounds. They are known as bulls, and they will surely test the drag on your reel.

Toledo Bend is hot and cold, right along with the weather. Hit it right before a cold front, and it can get very turned on. David Trahan timed it just right on a recent bass adventure. He was slow-fishing a weighted worm and loving life. His lunker of the day topped out over eight pounds, and also tested his reel’s drag system. Toledo Bend is a beautiful spot to spend quality fishing time.

The Tate family bagged some magnificent turkeys last season. Trey and Dad Troy put the double-team on some Kansas birds that were ready to dance. The size and color patterns on these big birds are impressive. They are truly trophy birds that these hunters truly appreciate.

It is a great time of year to get outdoors and soak it up. Hunting and fishing seasons provide outdoorsmen with a golden opportunity to test their skills. Whether you fish, hunt or do both, you will learn to respect your chosen prey.

Game is on, and where did football season go? The state of Louisiana is sitting pretty in all levels of competition. The Saints are hot, LSU is tough to beat, and our own McNeese State Cowboys find a way to win. Bundle up in warm winter gear and support your favorite teams. This cold snap has the locals primed for the outdoors and some contact football.

Happy hunting and Go Cowboys!

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