Ahhh … Cooler Weather

Rocke Fournet Thursday, November 2, 2017 Comments Off on Ahhh … Cooler Weather
Ahhh … Cooler Weather

The weather has been too hot for too long. Louisiana is famous for its high-humidity heat. But give us a break. We have only gotten minimal relief from a few weak fronts that offered a day or two of relief at most. A Pacific front is approaching that should help some with the heat and humidity.

Macie Leger with her blue-wing teal.

Teal season kicked it off recently to mixed reviews. There were enough birds to put up a few in the freezer, but that’s about it. After the flurry of opening weekend, consistent limits were hard to come by. The birds were scattered and had plenty of water to choose from which to land.

Macie Leger accompanied her dad, Justin, and put the smack down on a blue-wing teal he promised he would have mounted for her. He was true to his word and his fourteen-year-old freshman at Hathaway High School will enjoy her wall mount very nicely, thank you!

Kevin Bulla was in the zone on a recent Toledo Bend fishing adventure.  He was working the bass over in a favorite fishing honey-hole. He had already boated several fish over four pounds and was feeling it. When this fish hit, Kevin knew this was something special. The Toledo hawg made several power runs, pushing rod, reel and line to the limit.

Kevin played him down as the fish repeatedly peeled drag and dug deep. He finally netted the giant that weighed in at a personal record of nine pounds, eleven ounces. That is a giant bass anywhere and truly a fish of a lifetime.

Kevin Reed with his majestic Kansas buck.

Each year, Lacassine Reserve  produces, for some lucky angler, his best bass ever. This massive freshwater marsh was a tough nut to crack this year after getting choked off with beaucoup vegetation. But, Gary Higginbotham did his damage early before the grasses took over. He boated an eleven-pound marsh hawg in early July when there were still available areas of open water. He, for one, will never forget all the particulars of this very special day.

Also, Dan Felice caught his best nine pound, two-ounce bass in early June before the heat set in. He was on his favorite fishing hole, better known as Toledo Bend.

The black powder deer season recently opened in the big buck state of Kansas. Armed with his trusty muzzleloader, Kevin Reed put the hammer down on a giant buck who hadn’t missed many meals in his favorite corn field. This bruiser buck is exactly why he drove out west to Kansas.

Temperatures are still topping out at over ninety degrees in October and welcome to our world here in highly-humid Louisiana. Sooner or later we should be able to roll out the welcome mat to Old Man winter.  Everyone is ready for a change of season and relief in the form of cooler temperatures.  It has been a long, hot year, but a change has got to come.

OOH!!! The front pushed through Sunday night as I wrote this, and it is cool like it should be now. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Happy McNeese homecoming, and go Cowboys!

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