Respect The Flag

Rocke Fournet Thursday, October 19, 2017 Comments Off on Respect The Flag
Respect The Flag

The recent documentary of the Vietnam War proved to live up to all its advanced billing. It was an insightful and moving account of a down and dirty war that was extremely dangerous. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick did a thorough and masterful job of examining the war from all angles. The American public appreciates your considerable efforts!

The violence of war is hard to imagine, but this film portrayed the terror well. Mostly, it solidifies the fact that our young soldiers fought with honor and valor in a brutal environment against an entrenched enemy. They were extremely effective and represented our country with great honor and dedication.

American fighting men have served this country with incredible dedication through every war. We are a united country regardless of race or religion. We can surely come together and agree that we are all fortunate to be living under the stars and stripes.

There is nothing like the feeling of standing at attention at the raising of Old Glory. When the band strikes up our national anthem, it is a wonderful moving feeling of pride for the greatest country in this world. It provides an opportunity to show our gratitude.

It is hard to imagine anyone enjoying the fruits of living in the good old USA and not showing proper respect. Simply standing with hand over heart is not too much of a price to pay as a simple gesture of respect.

We have our differences, but we are still all in this together. The raising of the flag gives all Americans just a moment to forget our differences toward a greater good.

Those that are missing that message are unfortunate. Not standing as a way of showing disrespect plants a misguided message that has no value whatsoever. If you want to come across as a knuckle-head, then kneel down and miss out on a great opportunity to show proper allegiance to the flag.

Veterans of foreign wars were united under the stars and stripes. The games people play should not deserve mention when erroneously compared to combat that results in life and death survival. The color of another man’s skin does not matter to his fox hole buddy.

This tradition we share of recognizing the flag before sporting events is a positive event. You cannot help but get a lump in your throat followed by a swelling pride for your country. It is a great feeling that a select few choose not to participate in. It is their loss and an unfortunate for all involved.

In the Vietnam documentary there are patriotic scenes with the flag as its centerpiece. If you are not moved to tears, with the utmost respect for soldiers of every race giving it their all, there is something seriously missing. God bless America

The good news is we are in the middle of football season. Get out to the stadium and cheer them on after the honor of the national anthem and the raising of the flag.

A minor cool front is pushing through, but we will take what we can get. It has been brutally hot for too long, but a change is gonna come!

Happy hunting and God bless the USA!

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