Some Old Favorites

Mario Pacetti Thursday, October 5, 2017 Comments Off on Some Old Favorites
Some Old Favorites

I would first like to start off by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by the devastation caused by Harvey and Irma. These two hurricanes have destroyed people’s lives. If you can help and have not already, please help in any way you can. And be thankful if you escaped the paths of these storms without any loss, because there are many who have nothing. They will need all the help they can get. We as Americans are always the first to rush to help everyone in the world when natural disaster strikes. So let’s come together as the greatest country on earth and help our own when they need it most.

El Tapatio

I’ve been by some of my favorite little spots recently and thought I’d share some of these treats with you. First off, I went to El Tapatio on Hwy. 171. I always get the same thing; but this time, I decided to try the chimichanga, which, when I was younger, was my go-to dish. But as my food pallet matured over the years, I branched out a little bit more. If I’m not mistaken, I haven’t had one in about 20 years.

The chimichanga at El Tapatio was fried perfectly in that it was not so crunchy that it fell apart but it had a nice crunch when you bit into it. The vegetables inside were grilled to perfection. I opted for the grilled shrimp; the shrimp were full of flavor and cooked on point.

This was a filling meal. I didn’t feel bloated from a large burrito, which is a good thing since I was chasing Mac, my 4-year-old, much of the time.

The next spot was BBQ West. Chelsea and I were at Lowe’s and decided to drop by. As always, we were not disappointed. We got the brisket, ribs, chicken and sausage, so that all the meat choices were covered. We threw in all the good sides to top it off.

BBQ West

Their sides are always good, but the meats are where they really shine. And the two that always stand out are the brisket and the ribs. You can pull all the meat off the rib in a single bite; you’re dealing with a perfectly cooked rib.

The flavor was a absolute treat to experience. And the brisket just melted in my mouth. It’s almost as if you wouldn’t even have to chew.

My last spot was the Fresh Tacos at the Exxon station on Broad Street and Enterprise Blvd. I’ve been going to this place for a long time, and not once have I ever gotten a taco I wasn’t completely pleased with. This day was no exception.

I am a huge barbacoa fan. If you’re not familiar with this meat, it generally comes from the meat in the head of cattle; more so from the cheeks. This meat is tender and its flavor is very rich and bold. But there tends to be a little bit of oil in the meat, which can make for a nice mess in the front of your truck if you’re not paying attention. I’m not going to say this happened to me, but let’s just say I spent a good bit of my lunch break wiping down my center console.

On a personal note, I am celebrating my three-year anniversary with my beautiful wife as I write this. She has been my go-to food partner ever since I started writing this article, and she makes checking out new spots so much more enjoyable.

I want to tell her that her being in my life has made me realize what really loving someone is all about. She always puts me and Mac first, and she never complains about what a handful we both are.

Every day I get to spend with her is like hitting the Powerball over and over again. I love her with every part of me, and I am still confused about how such a wonderful sweet woman could ever want to be with a hard ass like me. Chelsea, you are the best person that I have ever met.

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